Can You Cook In A New Oven Right Away? (Find Out)

You just got your new oven and there is this mouth watery meal you cannot wait to serve your household. So you are a little impatient.

Can you cook in a new oven right away?

You know how it feels when you get something new, you might not want to get on with the appliance but already you want to see how it works.

It is not advisable to cook in a new oven right away. Instead, heat the oven for some minutes to burn off the residue that comes with a new oven.

You shall learn in this guide why it is important to burn off the residue before cooking.


Why is it important to burn off the residue before cooking?

If you should use the oven right away you might perceive some foul smell, something that smells like gas or any chemical.

This smell could at worst utter the taste of your meal if you ignore it and cook right away. Most times on using it for the first time, the oven may begin to smoke you will also perceive some odor like it is burning.

So before you cook with your new oven right away, you must clean and burn off the residue.

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How to heat a new oven before using it

Remove everything used to seal the oven and before you heat the new oven you must clean it first.

Get warm and soapy water and a cloth: wipe down the racks, clean the inside of the oven.

Now you can heat the oven for about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on how responsive the oven is when you start heating it.

What is the best temperature to heat the oven?

We advise you to heat your oven to a high temperature; temperatures as high as 400F to 500F would burn off the residue.

Sometimes you might be forced to repeat the process severally before you would succeed in burning off the chemical.

Other Tips

It is best if you leave enough ventilation before heating your oven, so open all the windows and allow the foul odor to escape. If you have an exhaust fan this is the right time to turn it on.

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Conclusion:Can You Cook In A New Oven Right Away?

It is not right to cook in a new oven right away. So, learn how to heat your oven and safely clean it before using it.

If the foul smell continues then continue to heat the oven till you are sure the smell is as good as gone.

Get rid of the smell and cook freely in your oven. You can follow the manual that comes with the new oven.

Now your question can you cook in a new oven right away is answered. Ensure you do not cook on your new oven till you have done this.

Have a nice time heating off the residue in your new oven.

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