How To Store Cast Iron Long Term

Cast iron is a go-to kitchen utensil that most chefs can use to fry and cook some set of sizable meals.

This kitchen utensil is durable and if you keep them in the right condition you can pass it from one generation to another.

So in other words it can last for a lifetime? Well, find out. You would only have to intently learn.

How do you store cast iron long-term? Well, stick to this guide because you shall learn everything there is to know on how to store cast iron long term.


Can cast iron last for a lifetime?

cast iron

Indeed cast iron is one of those utensils that could grace your efforts by lasting for a long time.

No wonder so many people would pass it from generation to generation. Unless for some causes of loss. Your cast iron can last for a lifetime.

You’ll only have to repair and maintain them when they wear out or the hand becomes too weak for it.

If however there is an occurrence of lack of maintenance it could hamper the initial intentions of having a cast iron last for a long time. Read on you’ll learn how to make it last longer.

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How to store your cast iron long term

The first step is to clean your cast iron properly remember your cast iron can easily rust if you do not clean it properly.

How to clean cast iron properly

After cooking to avoid food residence gumming on the cast iron, pour some tepid water inside it whilst it is still hot.

If you’ve let the pan cool you can heat it up to carry out the process. You don’t have to worry the water will help break the food residue.

You can wash the pan with soapy water or scrape the residue first. Either way, you would have to wash the cast iron.

Pat dry the cast iron. It’s now how to store it.

To store it since it would remain dry you can apply some oil to the pan to leave it glossy.

You can store your cast iron in the cabinet or you can choose to hang them you would only have to make sure it is safe.

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Where is the best place to store cast iron?

As said earlier you can choose to store it in the cabinet, however, you must ensure your cabinet would not get wet and up dripping water. If your sink is surrounded by cabinets and not cemented surfaces then it might be susceptible to such.

More so, if you deal with crawling insects, then it is advisable to keep your cast iron off the cabinet and hang them with other utensils.

You can install hooks on the wall, especially for your cast iron.

Ensure the hooks are strong enough to carry the weight of the cast iron. If for some reason you cannot store it in the cabinet or hang it on the wall.

Or maybe you have run out of space in your kitchen then you can choose to put them in the oven. There are safer there, no flying or crawling insect would dare!

However, you must take it out whenever you are ready to use the oven.

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Conclusion: How To Store Cast Iron Long Term

Bravo! You now know how to store cast iron long-term, just be sticky to this guide. It would take little to nothing caring for your cast iron, you owe it one.

Follow this guide intently, if you want to make your cast iron last longer then always season it. It is very important.

You have a nice time storing your cast iron. 

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