How Long Does Guacamole Last In The Refrigerator? (Explained)

So, your favorite and popular dip; Guacamole! does not last long. And you are wondering why it doesn’t. It happens. If you read on, we will show you why and how. 

Guacamole is made from mashed avocado, lime juice, salt, and other ingredients such as onion, tomato, and cilantro. These ingredients mentioned are perishable.

We know it’s a tasty and healthy addition to many meals and snacks, but how long does guacamole last in the refrigerator to ensure it’s safe to eat?

If certain conditions like your choice of ingredients, how you store them, and the temperature you leave them in are not met, your guacamole might not last.

Below we will discuss more on the matter and touch on other things to help you understand better.

Keep reading.


How Long Does Guacamole Last In The Refrigerator?

Homemade guacamole can last up to 3-4 days in the refrigerator. It depends on a few factors, such as the ingredients used, how it’s stored, and the temperature of your fridge.

Let’s take a brief look at these factors.

1. Ingredients 

The type of ingredients used to make guacamole can affect its shelf life. For example, adding sour cream or mayonnaise to the guacamole can shorten its shelf life. Furthermore, if you use fresh and ripe avocados, it can help prolong the shelf life of the guacamole.

2. Storage

Adequate storage is important to keep guacamole fresh for longer. We advise that you store your guacamole in an airtight container. Another alternative is covering it tightly with plastic wrap. 

Make sure there is no air inside the container or wrap. This is because air can cause the guacamole to oxidize and turn brown more quickly.

3. Temperature

The temperature of your refrigerator can also affect the shelf life of guacamole. Ideally, it should be stored at a temperature between 35-40°F (2-4°C). If the temperature is too high, the guacamole may spoil more quickly.

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Tips For Storing Guacamole

Here are a few tested and trusted tips to make your guacamole last longer.

  • It is necessary to prevent your guacamole from turning brown. So, we advise you to squeeze some lime juice on top of it before storing It in the refrigerator.
  • Store guacamole in a container that is just the right size for the amount of guacamole you have. This helps prevent air from getting in and causing oxidation.
  • If there is still space after putting your guacamole in a container, we advise you to divide it into smaller portions. Then store in smaller containers.
  • If you’re transporting guacamole to a party or event, pack it in a cooler with ice packs to keep it chilled.
  • Avoid storing guacamole in the fridge door. The temperature there tends to reflect in the other parts of the fridge.

How To Tell If Guacamole Has Gone Bad?

A few times, you look at your guacamoles and wonder if they are still good or not. Often, you don’t mind, so you just go ahead to use it. You don’t need anyone to tell you that spoilt guacamoles are not good. Here’s how to know if it has gone bad or not


Fresh guacamole should be bright green. If it has turned brown or black, it might have spoiled and should not be eaten.


A sour or Rancid odor is common to Guacamoles that have spoiled. If you detect an off smell, discard it immediately.


Spoiled guacamole will become slimy or watery. If the texture is off, it’s best to throw it away.

How Long Does Guacamole Last Unrefrigerated?

It is not recommended to leave guacamole unrefrigerated for more than 2 hours. Bacteria can quickly grow at room temperature and potentially cause foodborne illness. 

If the guacamole has been sitting out for longer than 2 hours, it is best to discard it. To ensure the safety of the guacamole, it should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of 40°F or below and consumed within 3-4 days.

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What Ingredients Do You Use For Your Guacamole?

Ingredients vary for a lot of people. But here is what we recommend if you are making your Guacamole.

1. Avocados

Ripe, soft avocados are the main ingredient in guacamole.

2. Lime juice

Lime juice is important because it adds a tangy flavor and helps prevent the avocado from turning brown.

3. Salt

Salt enhances the flavor of the guacamole.

4. Onion

Make sure your onions are finely chopped. It adds a mild, sweet flavor to guacamole.

5. Cilantro

Fresh cilantro adds a bright, fresh flavor to guacamole.

6. Tomato

Your tomato should be diced. It adds texture and sweetness to guacamole.

7. Jalapeño 

Minced jalapeño peppers add a spicy kick to guacamole.

How To Prepare Guacamole

 1. Cut the avocados in half and remove the pit.

 2. Scoop out the avocado flesh and place it in a bowl.

 3. Add lime juice to the bowl.

 4. Mash the avocado with a fork or potato masher until it is mostly smooth.

 5. Add salt, onion, cilantro, tomato, and jalapeño to the bowl.

 6. Stir until all the ingredients are combined.

How to Serving Guacamole

Guacamole can be served as a dip with tortilla chips, vegetables, or crackers. It can also be used as a topping for tacos, burritos, and nachos. 

Do not forget that guacamole should be consumed immediately or stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two days.

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Guacamole is very easy to make. But then, that does not mean you should leave the leftovers to spoil just because you can easily make another one. Going through this article up to this point shows you’ve grabbed something.

Guacamoles can only last 3-4 days at suitable storage and Temperature. One last thing, always check for signs of spoilage before eating, such as changes in color.