Can You Convert A Gas Grill To Charcoal Grill? (Find Out)

Do you have a gas grill that you intend to convert to a charcoal grill?

If yes then you probably have randomly thought how possible it would be to convert a gas grill to charcoal.

Can you convert a gas grill to charcoal grill? Yes, you can convert the gas grill to charcoal grill. However, there are factors that might affect converting your gas grill to a charcoal grill.

And you shall learn this in this guide. What’s more? You’ll also learn how to convert a gas grill to charcoal.

So let’s rock!


What Factors Can Affect Converting Gas Grill to Charcoal Grill?

gas grill

Most gas grill is designed to only work with the heat that emanates from the burners and not the heat that comes from the charcoal.

So before trying to rush into converting your gas grill to charcoal ensure it is safe and that your gas grill allows for such, that way you are half done achieving this.

More so, if the exterior of the grill has rusted and contains holes, the gas grill cannot be converted to a charcoal-burning grill.

If you are sure you are free of any issues. Then it is time to learn how to convert your gas grill to charcoal.

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How to Convert a Gas Grill to Charcoal Grill (Step By Step Guide)

Step 1 

You would have to gather the materials that you would need for you to be able to carry out the work effectively and in the end receive a rewarding result.

What are the materials that you need for a covert gas grill to charcoal?

You would need; a power drill, old propane, drill, wire cutters, and probably a plier.

Step 2 

Disassemble the gas components: this is the time to disconnect the gas hose from the grill, remove all gas hoses and regular valves from below the grill.

Note: it is important to remove all hoses leading to the venture tubes. Any gas left in the tank might be a potential threat.

Step 3 

Make a vent, about 4 to 6 vents so you would give room for ventilation.

Step 4

You can leave gas burners intact inside the grill. Turn the gas burners to high heat settings and open the grill lid. This is to allow any gas remaining in the burner to escape.

Step 5

Remove the grate and set it aside. It’s time to cut wire to fit the grill walls. It should sit on top of the old burners so it creates space for the charcoal. This is to allow oxygen to reach the heat source.

You can choose to get anything to cover the bottom of the grill base where the burner once stayed.

Step 6 

Light it up: you can now fill with charcoal briquettes, light the flammable material and replace the rack on to, if it is rust

Done doing these? Bravo! You just converted a gas grill to charcoal. So what’s next?

Add just about anything you want to get smoked and use as you would if it was originally a charcoal grill. After all, it is now a charcoal grill. Congratulations.

You can also eat whatever you have smoked on your newly charcoal grill.

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Conclusion: Can You Convert a Gas Grill to Charcoal Grill?

Hopefully, this guide has answered can you convert a gas grill to a charcoal grill?

And you now know it is quite easy converting a gas grill to a charcoal grill. You just have to follow this guide intently.

How about a quick recap

  • Gather your materials
  • Dismember the components
  • Make a vent
  • Add charcoal
  • Remove all gas hose
  • Light it up

Do what you must to avoid fire outbreaks.

Good luck converting your gas grill to charcoal!

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