Are Wood Cutting Boards Heat Resistant? (Explained)

If you intend to have the wood cutting board in the oven, then you must be curious about the wood. You might wonder;

  • Are wood cutting boards heat-safe?
  • Will the heat decrease the life span?
  • Are wood cutting boards heat resistant?

Your guess might be right. Woodcutting boards are not heat resistant and would not do well if you directly place them in the oven.

However, you can prevent heat from touching your countertop directly by placing the pan on the wood cutting board for some time.

What would happen if you leave the wood cutting board directly to heat? Read on to find out about this!


What would happen if you leave the wood cutting board directly to heat?

wooden cutting board

You would cause the wood cutting board to wear out easily if you expose it to direct heat. Exposing the wood to anything higher than 150°F would affect the wood.

Placing your wood close to extreme heat could scorch the wood and at worst burn it. Most times even as they do not catch fire they could begin to split or break.

In the long run, you would not be able to use the wood cutting again since it is now uneven. You need a flat surface for your chopping or rolling of dough.

What cutting board is heat resistant?

Cutting boards that are well resistant to heat would not warp, bend or melt when exposed to heat.

So when you intend to get cutting boards that you wish to use for other purposes consider getting cutting boards that would not warp, bend or melt.

Whether metallic, ceramic, or plastic the cutting board must be able to resist heat.

There are other things that could make your wood cutting not last longer. Let’s see them

  • Washing it in dishwasher
  • Not storing properly
  • Allowing it dry by itself
  • Scraping it with rather sharp and hard objects

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Conclusion: Are Wood Cutting Boards Heat Resistant?

If you have always asked “are wood cutting boards heat resistant?”, then this guide has answered your undying question.

You must check the manual before exposing any cutting board to heat. If the manual does not permit that, then make sure you do not expose the cutting board to heat that is capable of damaging it.

Now that you know that some cutting boards are not heat resistant, try to get the ones that allow for heat without damaging.

However, do not expose them to too much heat.

Good luck with that!

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