3 Best Campari Tomatoes Substitutes

Speak of juiciness and bitable tomatoes that complement many dishes-speak of Campari tomatoes. Campari is a fruit that is rich in flavor; the robust appearance offers this appealing look to any meal it goes with.

The savory taste makes it one of the best salads, yet it does wonders as a side dish.

Now, whether you are out of Campari tomatoes, or you just want a substitute. You should go for substitutes that offer similar flavor and satisfaction.

Many tomatoes can serve as Campari tomatoes substitutes, especially when tomatoes are in season. Grape, cherry, and plum are many, amongst other tomatoes that are great substitutes for Campari. And if the size would not matter, be ready to explore!

Read on as we discuss these Campari tomatoes substitutes.


What are Campari tomatoes?

The botanical name for Campari tomatoes is Solanum Lycopersicum, and like potato, and pepper, Campari is from the Solanaceae family. The Campari tomatoes came in the 1990s and since then, it has grown in popularity.

It has low acidic content, and this makes it acceptable for human consumption.

Though it is a hybrid tomato, Campari is sweet and juicy and many people see it as a great substitute for cherry tomatoes in some recipes-salad inclusive.

Campari tomatoes are slightly larger than grape and cherry tomatoes but are relatively smaller than most plums. The nutritional value of this tomato is second to none. A lot of supermarkets house this outstanding tomato. The tomatoes are mostly sold alongside the vine to maintain the taste and vibrant color.

What can you make with Campari tomatoes? Campari tomatoes are not only good in salads or as a side dish, but Campari is also perfect for snacking. If you want some tasty sandwiches, then go for Campari tomatoes.

We agree the goodness of the Campari tomatoes shouldn’t get in the way or be the reason for not making that head-turning meal.

So let’s discuss the Campari tomatoes substitute.

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Campari tomatoes substitutes

1. Grape tomatoes

grape tomatoes

Grape tomatoes are believed to be from the southeastern part of Asia. Grape tomatoes are super easy to grow and care for.

It would take about 75 days to harvest grape tomatoes after planting. And so it is advisable to fertilize once every week. So long as grape tomatoes are in good condition, they would produce many fruits.

The smaller varieties of grape tomatoes allow for the opportunity for indoor planters to explore this wonderful plant at ease. You can learn how to grow Campari tomato indoors if you want to have it around.

Grape tomatoes are a wonderful source of fiber. Brimming with vitamin A and C, you would never go wrong with it.

Although grape tomatoes have thicker skin compared to Campari tomatoes, they are great Campari tomatoes substitute because of their sweet and juicy nature.

Grape tomatoes can substitute for Campari tomatoes in salads, sandwiches, and even as side dishes. Whatever the case might be, ensure the tomato won’t impede other ingredients.

2. Cherry tomatoes

cherry tomatoes

If you want a rewarding meal after a strenuous day, then let cherry tomatoes complement your meal.

Many people regard cherry tomatoes as an edible berry of the plant, Solanum Lycopersicum. Cherry tomato bares the size and shape of cherries, thus the name cherry tomato.

Cherry tomatoes are versatile and can sit fine in virtually all recipes that require tomatoes. While cherry tomatoes are essential for a rewarding salad, it does a great job in other recipes. It is particularly known for its sweet taste and adaptable nature.

Cherry tomatoes are available in red, yellow, and orange. There are over a hundred varieties of cherry tomatoes out there that are fit for replacement.

A lot of experts recommend cherry tomatoes as they have nutritional and health benefits. So whether you want to replace Campari tomatoes because of availability issues or you simply want to explore. You can start with cherry tomatoes.

And of course, cherry tomatoes share the same flavor and are almost the same size as grape tomatoes. Little wonder they are the best substitutes for Campari tomatoes.

More so, the Campari tomato is one of the perfect substitutes for cherry tomatoes. So they both are friendly.

3. Plum tomatoes

plum tomatoes

Primarily, plum tomatoes, also known as paste tomatoes, are cultivated for packing purposes. So they are very much available in tins. Plum tomatoes are more popular because of this.

They have a firmer texture, fewer seeds, and low content compared to Campari and cherry tomatoes. And though they are sweet, they are not as sweet as the cherry and grape tomatoes.

Amongst the many varieties of plum, the one that has gained popularity is the Roma tomato. People refer to plums as Roma tomatoes, but they are not the same. All Roma tomatoes are plum tomatoes, but all plum tomatoes are not Roma tomatoes.

So if you get to the supermarket in search of plums, then you are sure going to see more Roma tomatoes.

Plum tomatoes are known for their chewy texture and less water content. So, sometimes where you would want to achieve a thick sauce, plums can easily fit in. And if the size is not a problem, then plum is a perfect Campari tomatoes substitute.

Other Campari tomatoes substitute

Remember, we said earlier in this guide that there are other varieties of cherry tomatoes. Read on to find out the varieties that are Campari tomatoes substitute.

Super sweet 100: this is a good appetizer if you seek for some snacks to lighten up your day, they are great for salads as well.

Tomaccio: this type of cherry tomato is super flavorful because of the sugar content. It is often used for sun-dried tomatoes. And though they are small, they make an exceptional substitute for Campari. You would only have to get Tomaccio in bigger quantities to get your recipe served.

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Campari tomatoes are great tomatoes that would guarantee a tasty meal. However, they can be substituted if you do not want them. And in this guide, we have explained in detail the Campari tomatoes substitutes.

Let’s have a list of these substitutes again; Grape tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, plum tomatoes, super sweet 100, and Tomaccio.

If you are super creative, you can easily substitute these tomatoes and maintain a delicious meal with Campari.

Hopefully, you will achieve a significant result!