Datterini Tomatoes Substitute

Tomatoes are renowned for their many outstanding benefits. You can use them to prepare a lot of recipes. And though there are over 10,000 varieties of them, each differs from the other.

And one of many of these tomatoes is the datterini tomatoes. Datterini tomatoes are quite a sight to behold and would reward your efforts by making your meal delicious.

As much as you can prepare some recipes with datterini tomatoes, a lot of things could contribute to your change of mind about the type of tomatoes to use.

If this is the case, you would wonder if there are datterini tomatoes substitutes that would as much produce similar flavor and satisfaction. Let’s learn about the datterini tomatoes and their substitutes.


What are Datterini tomatoes?

datterini tomatoes

Otherwise known as little dates, datterini tomatoes are a type of cherry tomatoes and though they are small, they have a great taste.

Datterini tomatoes are from the family solanum and are botanically called solanum lycopersium. Datterini tomatoes are also known for their aromatic nature and sweet taste.

Primarily, datterini tomatoes are for pasta or sauces because they are fleshier than other tomatoes. As a result, a good number of chefs sometimes would choose datterini over other tomatoes.

Where can you see datterini tomatoes? Well, datterini tomatoes are quite popular in Italy. You can see a good number of them there.

However, because of the increase in demand, datterini tomatoes are just a stone throw away from you, right.

Most grocery stores house these wonderful tomatoes. More so, you can find them in market places. But here is the thing, there are a lot of tomatoes out there and you might find it difficult to know which are datterini tomatoes.

Here’s a list of characteristics of datterini tomatoes to help you.

Characteristics of datterini tomatoes

  • The shape- datterini tomatoes are not as round as plum tomatoes rather, they are elongated.
  • Datterini tomatoes produce their fruits in clumps. You can find dozens of tomatoes on one stick.
  • It has a long life shelf.
  • Though it is high in acid, it is sweet and consumable, raw or cooked.
  • It has low water content which makes it great for cooking and canning.
  • Datterini tomatoes are meatier than other tomatoes.
  • Their reddish color is quite glaring.

Datterini tomatoes can hardly go unnoticed even amid other tomatoes. These tomatoes are more available in early summer, even through early fall. So, you and your household can have an enjoyable meal with the datterini tomatoes.

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What can you prepare with the datterini tomatoes?

Of course, you have a plethora of options to choose from when you intend to make something that is savory and refreshing with the datterini tomatoes, namely

  • You can make some spaghetti with the datterini tomatoes
  • When it’s time for supper, you can get your family some shrimps skewers spiced up with the datterini tomatoes.
  • You can make a delicious sauce with datterini tomatoes to match your pasta.

And of course, there are other things that you are welcome to try out with datterini tomatoes. So what if you want to make some recipe that requires datterini tomatoes and you cannot place your hand on any?

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Can you substitute any tomatoes for datterini tomatoes?

You have enough options to explore when tomatoes are in season, and a lot of these tomatoes are flavorful too.

Although it would be uneasy finding tomatoes that share similarities with the datterini tomatoes, you would find some tomatoes that you would use for different recipes.

So, yes, you can substitute any tomatoes for datterini tomatoes and achieve virtually the same result as datterini tomatoes would give you for any recipe.

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Datterini tomatoes substitute

Plum tomatoes

plum tomatoes

Since datterini tomatoes are meatier and have less water content, plum tomatoes would fit in most recipes. Datterini tomatoes are primarily made for pasta and sauces, and we could say the same for the plum tomatoes.

Plum tomatoes are quite sweet and do not have a lot of water content to deal with. So if you intend to make some tomato sauce with datterini tomatoes but cannot get your hands on any, you can replace the intended tomatoes with plum tomatoes.

If your recipe calls for fresh datterini tomatoes, then some sliced tomato is a good substitution for the datterini tomatoes.

However, if you use tomatoes with high water content, then adding some teaspoons of tomato paste should help reduce the water content.

Note: all tomatoes would not substitute for datterini tomatoes, but a good number of them like plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes can replace datterini tomatoes in some recipes.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between datterini tomatoes and normal tomatoes?

Datterini tomatoes are grown primarily for pasta sauce, as they contain more meat than typical round tomatoes and have a firmer texture.

Like Roma tomatoes and other plum tomatoes, datterini tomatoes have more flesh and fewer seeds. They fit for sauce because they have less water content.

Other tomatoes do not have a firmer texture than the datterini tomatoes and they produce thin sauce because they have more water content.

Can you replace datterini tomatoes with fresh tomatoes?

Datterini tomatoes are available in tin and seeds. So, this means you can use any of the two depending on the recipe.

And if datterini tomatoes are not available in tin and seeds, then you can use fresh tomatoes that have a mild taste to get your desired result.

Other fresh tomatoes would produce more water than datterini tomatoes; however, you can get a thicker result by adding some tomato paste to fresh tomatoes.

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It is easy finding a great substitute for any tomatoes. But the key is to find a replacement that would still give similar flavor and satisfaction as the intended tomato would.

There are plenty of varieties of tomatoes to choose from. It would only take some expeditions to find the one that best fits your recipe for the day.

Now that you know about the datterini tomatoes substitute, ensure you save your time by choosing the right substitute for your recipe. You should refer to this guide for the sake of clarity.

Have a great time picking the great substitute for datterini tomatoes.