15 Easy Appetizers To Serve On Spoon Recipes

What if we tell you that you can feed many mouths in your next event without worrying about cleaning dishes or clearing the trash? You will discover easy appetizers to serve on spoon recipes.

Preparing for a party is, on its own, stressful and uneasy for many people. The fact that you have many mouths to feed is less stressful than clearing and cleaning dishes.

The thoughts alone are overwhelming, but you can win this war by not serving on plates and still have your guests satisfied.

Let’s help you serve these appetizers the quick and easy way!


Appetizers To Serve On Spoon Recipes

1. Bite-sized Crème Brulee

Making an easy appetizer is one quick and easy way to get out of tremendous expenses and stress in your next event. An appetizer you can easily create, even if you are 50 minutes behind time, is a bite-sized crème brûlée.

It would take 15 to 30 minutes to complete this appetizer. However, it is heavily dependent on the number of guests.

Get some eggs, egg yolks, milk, and sugar; for toppings, you can add some vegetables and even strawberries to spice it up. Fun fact! It is a quick and easy appetizer to serve on a spoon.

2. Egg Yolk Croquette

It’s time to hook your audience or guest with some flavorful dishes. Okay, we agree there is nothing tasty about egg yolk, but have you tried it with some croquette? The texture is out of this world and would undoubtedly light your evening with so much delight.

3. Thai meatballs

Also served as a main dish, Thai meatballs are a mind-blowing appetizer you can serve on a spoon at your next event, and you wouldn’t have to worry about clearing too many dishes.

The flavor is intense, served with dipping sauce alongside lemongrass, ginger, and garlic. The main ingredient is mostly pork meat; however, you can include some tweaks, so be creative and get your guest in the party mood!

4. Sesame Tortellini Spoons

Tortellini is always there to save the day if you want to add some flesh to your appetizer! You can use soft cheese tortellini; if you are lucky to get a tiny one, you will most likely end up with a complete and appealing spoon.

Large tortellini can still do the trick, but you must be able to get a spoon that can gulp it up and give room for other ingredients that would make up this appetizer.

5. Cheese and Chutney Stuffed Potatoes

Save your guests facing the stress of coming with something so yummy and unforgettable. So, you can register your recipe in their mind and have them in that AHA moment any time they encounter such a recipe again.

If you have potatoes lying around, then by all means, get busy and make some cheese and chutney-stuffed potatoes.

6. Roasted Shrimp Tasting Spoons with Two Sauces

Sweet is an understatement when we say this is all there is, too roasted shrimp. This appetizer is easy to make and can turn your event around for good.

There are a lot of ways that you can choose to add some taste to it. You can add vegetables like dill or any other edible vegetable you can find handy.

You can learn how to make roasted shrimp in just a few minutes.

7. Fried Mozzarella Balls

Although you can serve fried mozzarella balls on plates, you want something else. You want to serve your mozzarella balls in a spoon.

These balls are relatively small and serve their purposes; you can add some ingredients to make up this meal and grace the face of your guests in the nick of time.

It is a quick and easy appetizer to serve on a spoon, and you would not even worry about it taking up space in the trash or anything.

8. Rosemary roasted potatoes

You don’t have to visit a grocery store to get a fresh item for your meal when you can cut up your potatoes into small sizes and turn them into some tasty appetizer. It is quick and easy to make. Add some rosemary to heighten the taste.

9. Smoked Salmon Zucchini Cakes

Get some spoonful of smoked salmon zucchini cakes and light up your guest’s mood this season. You cannot go wrong with salmon; when you pair it with zucchini, it is truly breathtaking.

10. Bacon-wrapped Scallops with Cajun Cream Sauce

Bacon-wrapped scallops with Cajun cream sauce would add a lot of fun when incorporating it into your menu. Whether you make it for the day or just as a side dish for any main dish you have in mind, you would certainly be happy you chose bacon-wrapped scallops with Cajun cream sauce. 

You would only need a few ingredients; scallops, strips of bacon, and chives, and your dish would be ready!

11. Mediterranean Ricotta Fritters

Have you always wanted a quick and easy appetizer to make from Mediterranean ricotta fritters and serve in the spoon? Well, you just got yourself the opportunity to make it happen.

They are classy and delightful, and you have no reason to worry it is meeting up the standards of your guest.

12. Mexican Asian Baked Mussels

Get this gourmet appetizer and set the heart of your guests on fire, the meal is unique, and you cannot ignore the goodness it offers anyone that chooses to make it a dish for the evening.

It is super easy to make too! For better results, you can learn how to make Mexican Asian Baked Mussels.

13. Tuna Tartare on Ceramic Spoons

It often takes simplicity to get your evening bursting with eventful moments; slice up your tuna and get them sparingly placed on the ceramic spoon. Top this delightful recipe with any vegetable you choose, and you will have nothing to worry about making your guest happy.

14. Butter Garlic Prawns with Tangy Wasabi Dip

This meal is really what the name says it is, and you don’t have to pile up many ingredients or spend a fortune making this meal. Furthermore, butter garlic prawns are quick and easy to make.

It is a great appetizer; your guest can get on the evening knowing they had something extraordinary.

15. Caprese Salad Amuse-bouche

Here’s another creative way to get your party started. You do not have to scavenge or break the bank to get the best of all meals; you should only be creative when fixing things up for your event.

Caprese salad has a lot in it and does not require all the ingredients to make it up; just a little of the needed ingredients, and you are on your way to the perfect evening hangout!

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There are many quick and easy appetizers to serve on a spoon, and you can use most of your kitchen ingredients to get on this rollercoaster.

If you have always been overly calculative about how many dishes you’d have to do after any party, our guide has saved you from the stress.

Pick any dish and have your guest thank you later! Ensure you go for the dish that is most convenient for you. Don’t worry; they are cheap and easy to make even if you have never had any experience making the meal.

Follow the recipe and be happy you did! We hope you will prepare the best dish.