What Vegetables Or Fruits Have Similar Qualities To Tomatoes?

There are several uses of tomatoes, and this has contributed to their wide use in several regions. Tomatoes have exceptional qualities that differentiate them from other fruits or vegetables.

The health and nutritional benefits of tomatoes are second to none. They are a substantial source of lycopene which helps to fight many health issues. And as such, many people would recommend you have tomatoes almost every day.

So you might be tempted to ask, what vegetables or fruits have similar qualities to tomatoes? Let’s find out about this in our guide today.


What you need to know about tomatoes

Tomatoes are great ingredients that a good number of people refer to as fruits and other vegetables. It is one of the most essential ingredients for many households.

It is the most popular garden crop amongst other crops. They are vastly available in seeds and cans as well. So, enough or all and sundry.

China is one of the largest producers of tomatoes. And though they are, they do not produce every variety of tomatoes. You can even grow tomatoes indoors or outdoors. You will get a rewarding result if they are in the right condition.

Tomatoes contain a lot of nutrients that make them valuable and a must-have in other to maintain good health.

Varieties of tomatoes

Although they are nutritious, tomatoes vary in size, shape, taste, and color. So you are not limited to seeing red tomatoes or orange tomatoes. You can see purple tomatoes, blue, yellow, and green tomatoes, and some varieties have rainbow colors.

There are over 10, 000 varieties of tomatoes out there, and these tomatoes differ from others. There are tomatoes from mini varieties and plum tomatoes.

Some tomatoes have thin flesh with a juicy and sweet taste, while some tomatoes have thick flesh, less water content, and fewer seeds.

And even if you won’t do quite a lot with tomato seeds, some tomatoes are grown to be canned, and they are much available in grocery stores.

Taste of tomatoes: The taste of tomatoes ranges from sweet to tangy; while most tomatoes have high acidic contents, others have less of it. Sometimes, tomatoes have this mild taste that is neither sweet nor tangy.

Uses of tomatoes

There are so many uses for tomatoes, which makes them a versatile ingredient in many homes and restaurants.

Since tomatoes are quite nutritious, you can eat them raw. However, it is important to note that some tomatoes are not edible and would not be safe for consumption without cooking them.

You can cook tomatoes to make up the sauce, and stew, and you can use them as toppings for most recipes like salad. Many people use so many ingredients to make tomato juice that is suitable for drinking.

Skincare routine: Apart from cooking tomatoes and eating them, many people incorporate tomatoes into their skincare routine. You can learn how to use tomatoes to get rid of acne.

Now, with all these qualities, it might seem impossible to have other fruits or vegetables and tomatoes.

Is it possible to have vegetables or fruits that have similar qualities to tomatoes?

It is possible to have other vegetables or fruits that have similar qualities to tomatoes. However, these fruits or vegetables would not have every feature of tomatoes.

So, while it might be possible to have other vegetables or fruits with similar qualities to tomatoes, they cannot have every feature of tomatoes.

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What Vegetables Or Fruits Have Similar Qualities To Tomatoes?

Let’s see the vegetables or fruits that have similar qualities to tomatoes.

1. Persimmons


Persimmons are great fruits that are orange in color. Persimmons have almost the same sweetness and acidic content as tomatoes.

However, tomatoes are a more savory taste compared to persimmons. They also have significant features that make them virtually the same as tomatoes.

Persimmons are small, just like cherry tomatoes. More so, persimmons have this stem that shoots out at the top, which is the exact feature we see in tomatoes.

And persimmons can fit in most recipes that call for tomatoes. So, persimmons are great fruits that have similar qualities to tomatoes.

2. Tamarillos


Tamarillo originates from central and Latin America, and now it is gaining ground in Asian countries like parts of India.

This fruit is egg-shaped but has a more pointed mouth. Tamarillos come in varieties. However, it is the red-orange type that tastes almost like tomatoes.

You cats in most recipes that tomatoes would fit in. You can use Tamarillos in salads, or you can cook them just as you would cook tomatoes.

The taste of tamarillos ranges from sweet to tangy flavor. Tamarillos have a more complex flavor than tomatoes.

3. Tomatillos


This is yet another good fruit that has similar qualities to tomatoes. Also known as Mexican husk, tomatillos (Solanaceae) is a great plant and a type of berry from the nightshade family.

Tomatillos are the smaller versions of tomatoes. It tastes amazing too! You can find tomatillos in various shades, whether red, orange, green, or purple.

You can eat tomatillos raw just as you would most eat edible tomatoes, or you can have them cooked.

4. Eggplant


Also, from the nightshade family, eggplant is botanically called Solanum melongena. It is grown in many regions because it is edible.

Many people refer to eggplant as aubergino or brinjal. It is also a berry that is quite popular in many cuisines.

Eggplants make up many savory dishes; however, while most tomatoes can be eaten raw, eggplant would need to go through cooking before it is consumable.

So, this is another fruit that has similar qualities to tomatoes.

5. Gooseberry


Also known as European gooseberry, gooseberry is a great fruit from the currant family. Gooseberry is another fruit that has a few qualities that are like that of tomatoes. However, they do not look like tomatoes.

But like tomatoes, gooseberry has a similar taste to tomatoes. More so, the flesh of gooseberry and the inside are acidic, just like tomatoes.

You can use gooseberries to make foods just as you would do with tomatoes. Most people use gooseberries to sweeten their recipes.

The fruits are edible and are grown for both commercial and domestic basis.

6. Pepinos


Pepinos are also known as Pepino duice. It is native to South America. Pepinos are related to tomatoes and eggplants. They have virtually the same shape as Roma tomatoes. However, they don’t have a similar color to Roma tomatoes.

Despite their different appearance, Pepinos taste very similar to tomato fruits. They have a similar sweet acidic flavor, which makes them enjoyable whether you cook them or you eat them raw.

Many people use Pepinos in salads, sauces, and other dishes, just as you would use tomatoes in these recipes.

One of the most popular recipes that people prepare with Pepinos is Pepinos’ locos.

7. Physalis


This fruit is like tamalitos. Physalis is also known as ground cherries or husk cherries. They are also part of the nightshade family.

They are good enough in case you wish to consume them raw; Physalis are great ingredients when it’s time to bake too!

8. Sharon fruits

sharon fruits

Although Sharon fruits are also called Japanese persimmon, they differ greatly from persimmon. Unlike other fruits, some species of Sharon fruits are not edible, especially when the fruits are under-ripe.

Sharon fruits, however, are other fruits that have similar qualities to tomatoes.

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Is it not amazing that you can buy fruits or vegetables that have similar qualities to tomatoes? Now, although tomatoes are great fruits and would fit into many recipes, other fruits share the same qualities as tomatoes.

So, call this the right time to go on some expeditions with these varieties of fruits. However, we must advise it is important you note the fruits that best work for you, so you don’t end up with fruits you would not enjoy.

In this guide, we answered what vegetables or fruits have similar qualities to tomatoes.

And we hope you make the right choice!