How To Get Rid Of Roach Smell In Kitchen Cabinet

If you still think that you have maintained optimal cleanliness and do not deserve to have roaches in your home, then you should read about this story.

“I moved into this studio apartment that seemed pretty clean, but later found out it was infested with roaches. The management refused to do anything about it so I bought a bunch of traps and laid it out.”

“The gel worked best and every day I put it out I would sweep a bunch of dead/half-dead roaches out from the cabinet under the sink”

So you see, you are far from being alone when it comes to a roach infestation. However, the worst of it is the awful smell the roaches leave where ever they crawl past. We guess you don’t want to live with that.

So, read on to find out how to get rid of the roach smell in the kitchen cabinet!


Why would roaches get in the kitchen cabinet?

open kitchen cabinet

Though it might not be surprising, of all places why would roaches get in the kitchen cabinet? You should know that so long as there is food and a haven in your home there are chances of having cockroaches around.

Cockroaches would find it accommodating and would take the kitchen cabinet as a hiding place, it is even worst when there are traces of moisture in the cabinet.

You might not be able to notice since you trust you leave your house thoroughly clean however during night hours when it is sure it wouldn’t come in contact with anybody it moves freely in search of food.

So do you now see why roaches would get into the kitchen cabinet?

  • Firstly it provides safety for the roaches
  • And there are plenty of food residues in the kitchen especially when it is not cleaned after use.

Probably you have perceived some repugnant smell and you find it hard to explain. Well, your instincts might be right.

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Do roaches leave a smell?

If you still doubt the smell, then read on. Cockroaches whether dead or alive can leave a smell; they crawl on dirty surfaces which also causes them to stink. Dead roaches’ smell could be sending a signal for other roaches about potential threats.

Why do cockroaches smell so bad?

Roaches secrete pheromones with this they can interact with other cockroaches. They release feces too (it looks like coffee grinds or black pepper) which contributes to the smell, and this increases the level of disease they carry with them.

You shouldn’t ignore the smell, because it could be quite discouraging eating from the plate you just got out of the cabinet.

Just the very sense of this odor might force you into some tasks you never prepared for, like;

  • Washing your dishes over and over again
  • Cleaning your kitchen now and then
  • Using insecticides and not cooking in the kitchen for some time.

Can you get rid of the roach smell from the kitchen cabinet?

Yes, you can get rid of the roach smell from the kitchen cabinet. And like it is said “there is no smoke without fire” so to get rid of smoke you must have to put off the fire.

What does this mean? For you to get rid of roach smell you must get rid of all roaches and every trace of them, failing to do so would render your genuine efforts sterile.

To get rid of roaches it is advisable to do away with their source of feeding. So clean your kitchen entirely. However, if you are good with traps you could have a good number of the roaches enter into any container or drawer by dropping food crumbs there.

And then the rest should become history. You can use insecticides to discard this unwanted visitor(s).

Would disinfectants get rid of roaches? Yes, however, some insecticides are not powerful enough to stave the roaches off.

So you must get insecticides that repel roaches, you can also make some roach repellents yourself. You could mix ¼ cup of tea tree oil and ¼ cup of vinegar with 2 cups of water in a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture in and around the infested area in your kitchen cabinet.

Before this, you should consider putting away everything you have in the cabinet. Your utensils and food items shouldn’t have this mixture, it is not nice.

If you fear some parts of your kitchen might be in some secret infestation and you cannot take any chances. Then spray the insecticide in the kitchen.

Sweep to get all the roaches dead or half-dead, put them in the bin bag and throw them out. Then clean your kitchen entirely.

Getting rid of cockroaches is one thing getting rid of roach smell is another, so let’s get rid of roach smell in your kitchen cabinet.

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How to get rid of roach smell in kitchen cabinet

Cockroaches are quite known for carrying harmful bacteria. So you must guard yourself during this process. It is best you get a glove.

1. Run your vacuum hoses across the highest parts of the cabinets, even inside the drawer, preferably everywhere that you have seen roaches.

2. Disinfect the cabinet: it is best you use a nonporous disinfectant on the cabinet. This would fish out every other cockroach that is hiding in the cabinet. Allow it to sit for some minutes before cleaning it.

3. This is the best time to clean your cabinet. Wash all the corners of the cabinet with some disinfectant. However, make sure that it does not damage your cabinet.

4. Leave the cabinet open for some time. Enough ventilation would assure the smell leaves sooner than expected.

5. Clean all your dishes and do away with any food item that the cockroaches have perched on.

6. Let the dishes dry then you can safely pack things in the cabinet again.

7. If you don’t want to see them again you can use citrus or lavender oil once in a while. They are good roach repellents.

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Hopefully, you have learned how to get rid of the roach smell in the kitchen cabinet. Try as much as possible to leave your kitchen clean this way you are sure you have done your best.

Tips: be careful what you get into your home. You might want to read a bunch of encounters people have had with cockroaches.

Follow this guide on how to get rid of cockroaches in the first place.

Good luck getting rid of the roach smell in your kitchen cabinet!