9 Best Substitutes For Black Beans

Black beans are highly nutritious and delicious. These beans are common in Latin America and are often used as food recipes for Chili corn Carne and other popular chile recipes.

If you are out of black beans at the last minute or you are having a hard time finding black beans in your grocery store. We’ve got you covered!

What are the ideal substitutes for Black Beans? Beans types, such as kidney beans, pinto beans, and Great Northern beans, are excellent black beans alternatives

However, some people are not enthused with the idea of eating these beans. Several substitutes for black beans can be used in situations like this.

This article will go over black beans substitutes and when to use them.


Substitutes for Black Beans

Here are some safe bets.

1. Chickpeas


When searching for a substitute for black beans, chickpeas should be one of your first choices. They work well with almost any dish that calls for black beans. They are widely available and have a balanced flavor.

Chickpeas are rich in proteins and fiber, so your dish will retain its nutritive benefits. Cooking them will be simple – simply douse them overnight and afterward simmer them as per the dish you would like to create.

2. Cauliflower


If you’re looking for something different from black beans, cauliflower can also save the day. To substitute cauliflower for black beans, smash it into a rice-like texture and also consider adding a spicy flavor to your dish. This will enhance the flavorings.

However, as with lentils, pay close attention if your bean dish necessitates baking time. Cauliflower cooks much quicker than beans in the oven, so make sure to adjust your food preparation time accordingly.

3. Kidney Beans

kidney beans

Kidney beans are high in protein and fiber and can help preserve the nutritive benefits of any meal. It’s dark in color and has a bland taste, so it’s impossible to tell the difference.

Kidney beans have a much fairly mild taste and are slightly softer than black beans in contexts of the depth of flavor.

Because black beans and kidney beans are replaceable, kidney beans are the top pick when black beans are unavailable.

4. Lentils


Lentils and black beans are nothing alike, they are more nutritious than black beans because they have more protein and fiber.

They can be used in place of black beans in any recipe to boost the flavor. Lentils come in various varieties, and they work well as a substitute for black beans.

However, Lentils are smaller than black beans and come in several types. It will also be difficult to substitute baked lentils for baked black beans. Because lentils cook diversely, you may need to adjust your entire recipe to facilitate them.

5. Mushrooms


Mushrooms are another perfect choice for substituting black beans in hearty chili and salads. You can cut or slice the mushrooms to your exact specifications. They are abundant and simple to locate.

Mushrooms are great because they darken anything you cook. So, if you need that dark black bean broth, those mushrooms are the path to go.

6. Ground soy

ground soy

Soy, indeed! It looks like very pasty white ground beef, and if properly seasoned, it tastes like ground beef.

Ground soy is simply patterned soy protein, a byproduct of soybean oil production. It’s available in huge clumps or ground into micelles that soak in water.

If you get the ground variant, you can substitute it for black beans in tacos or chili con carne!

7. Pinto Beans

pinto beans

Pinto beans are popularly used in Mexican cuisine. Compared to black beans, these flecked beans have a more unique taste.

Pinto beans have comparable protein and dietary fiber to black beans in overall nutritional value. Pinto beans have a higher carbohydrate content. The fat content is also double that of black beans.

The benefit of pinto beans is that they can be used in almost all meals in place of black beans.

8. Great Northern Beans

great northern beans

Notwithstanding their white exterior, Great Northern beans are among the best bean types to substitute for black beans because they have a similar composition. They have a mild taste that is comparable to black beans.

Great Northern beans can alter the appearance of your dish, but they are a great substitute for black beans in almost all meals. Great Northern beans can be utilized in salads, stews, soups, and dips.

9. Nuts


Cashews and walnuts are other unusual substitutes for black beans. Compared to the unique taste of beans, nuts will undoubtedly add a bolder flavor to the dish.

While substituting black beans for nuts, keep the substation proportion in mind. Because nuts include more calories and can make the dish heavy, use ¼ cup of these nuts to replace half a cup of black beans in a recipe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between black beans and red kidney beans?

The only distinction between the two is the taste. They are nearly identical in calories, fiber, and vitamin content.

Why are beans not good for you?

Beans are not inherently unhealthy. Most beans contain lectins, which in their active state can be toxic to humans. On the other hand, preserving and simmering beans lessen the lectin content. To guarantee that the beans are safe, cook them for at least ten minutes.

Can Kidney Beans Be Used in Place of Black Beans in Chili?

Yes, you can use kidney beans instead of black beans in chili. Furthermore, you can substitute pinto beans, which work well in the dish.

Do I Drian Black Beans Before Making Chili?

Yes. Instead of a vivid, savory one, drain and wash black beans to eschew a grimy color.

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Black beans’ nutritive benefits cannot be overemphasized. Black beans are high in calcium and iron.

You may need to get substitutes for black beans for various reasons. You should consider both its texture and taste. The meal will come out as tasty as black beans would have.

I hope this article on black beans substitute was helpful.