What To Serve With French Onion Soup: 10 Must-Try Parings

Discover all the effortless side dishes to serve with French onion soup in our guide today!

If you have had some beefy French onion soup, you should be amazed by its richness and nutritional benefits. Yet there should be more to it. Do you wonder what to serve with French onion soups?

Well, you can serve your French onion soup with some potatoes, vegetables, desserts, and salads. But that is not all. You need an effortless guide to know these side dishes.

So, read on to discover all the great side dishes you can relish with your French onion soup.


About French Onion Soup

French onion soup is a type of soup that usually has its base of meat, stock, and onions as the key ingredients for the recipe.

Originally, people made French onion soup with yellow onions. So this calls for more nutrients and delicacy. However, any other onion can make French onion soup.

Apart from the key ingredients that make up French onion soup, the broth gives one a delicious sensation when you have the other ingredients with the broth.

But you know the fun part? Well, this beefy oniony delicacy is so simple that anybody can easily find their way around the soup. So, you can learn how to make French onion soup to get the best result.

Ingredients Used To Make French Onion Soup

So, let us say you want to make some French onion soup or you simply want to know the right dish to serve it with and what ingredients make up French onion.

For onion soup, you would need butter, onions (preferably yellow onions, you can also use red onions or white onions), flour, dry white wine, beef or chicken stock/ broth, and some fresh herbs.

Since French onion has some quality ingredients that make it up, you would need some great dishes to serve it with. So, let’s learn what to serve with French onion soup.

What To Serve With French Onions Soup

1. Roasted vegetables

roasted vegetables

Vegetables are great ingredients that make up the main dishes. And if you must enhance the flavor, you would need to roast the vegetable.

Well, you can settle for dill, parsley, or broccoli just about any edible crunchy vegetable would pair well with a French onion soup.

Vegetables have a mild and leafy flavor and are packed with nutrients, so do not be afraid to try them out with your beefy onion soup. So, if you are looking for what to serve with onion soup, then know that you just found one.

If you want to enhance the flavor more, add some seasonings like salt, pepper, or any other spice of your choice.

2. Green salads

green salads

We all know how salads add some taste to recipes. Well, you cannot exclude French onion soup, so if you are yet to try out this combination, then you should be quick to.

It is delicious to use fresh herbs to make salads; they will pop with color, too. So, pick some green herbs, make a salad with them, and enjoy with your French onion soup.

3. Chicken pesto Panini

chicken pesto panini

You can enjoy your French onion soup with some chicken pesto panini. You only need some quality ingredients to get this meal beside your French onion soup.

You would need some focaccia bread, red bell pepper, finely chopped onion, provolone cheese, pesto, and cooked chicken breast.

Chicken pesto Panini is almost similar to French onion soup. You only know how to make chicken pesto Panini well.

4. Scalloped potatoes

scalloped potatoes

Are you still looking for what to serve with French onion soup? Potatoes are great as side dishes. And they would unapologetically complement many dishes.

And whether you roast fry or cook potatoes, you will enjoy them. Aside from being a great dish for lunch, scalloped potatoes would sit fine and taste great with a French onion soup.

If you want to serve your French onion soup but need some other dish to complement it to make a full-course meal, then you have found one.

5. Baked sweet potato

baked sweet potato

Sweet potatoes are indeed what their names say. Sweet potatoes are sweet. They would offer you some savory taste to your meal when you are relishing it.

So, have your French onion soup with some baked potatoes today.

6. Sautéed mushrooms

sautéed mushrooms

Mushrooms are great ingredients for vegans who would still want some meaty texture in their meals. Enoki mushrooms are mostly edible, and many people would turn to them when it is time to make some meals with mushrooms.

Mushrooms have this rich nutty flavor when you sauté them, so are you ready to have your French onion soup with some rich and delicious meal? If yes, then go and sauté some mushrooms!

7. Chicken with shallots

chicken with shallots

It is not totally a bad idea to try an oniony soup with more oniony dishes. However, if you love onions well enough, this should make you happy.

So, you can have your French onion soup with some chicken shallots. The part of the chicken that would do justice to this recipe is the chicken drumstick. Shallots would add extra flavor and satisfaction.

8. Steamed carrots with bacon

steamed carrots with bacon

Carrots are delicious vegetables that are so edible and enjoyable. Carrots can complement many recipes. Without cutting it, you can easily wash and toss it, and you will still get your desired result.

And this is what you should do with your carrots when you want to serve them with French onion soup. Steam your carrots to achieve a soft texture. And to spice it up, add some bacon!

Some pork-based meat with carrots to go with French onion is a delight. So, try having this combo!

9. Steaks


Steaks are great when you snack on them during lunch. However, they are great when you pair them with French onion soup. The satisfaction, though, would depend on the kind of meat you choose, yet it is appealing.

Any steak can work anyway, but if you want something so good, try flank steaks.

10. Oven-baked salmon

oven baked salmon

Salmon is another delicious dish you can have with French onion soup, and to get the best out of it, bake it. It is quite easy if you know how to bake salmons, this way, you are confident in the spice and all the things you have in your dish.


You can serve these great dishes with French onion soup. So, if you have wondered what to serve with French onion soup, we just answered that in this guide.

There is quite a lot to choose from, so make your choice when you are satisfied with the dish in question.

Most of these dishes are quite easy to make, so you can easily make them in your kitchen and enjoy them with French onion soup. We hope you can make the right choice.