What does flounder taste like? (5 Different Tastes)

Flounder is a species of flatfish that is filled with many benefits, and if you are a lover of fish, you should wonder, too, what does flounder taste like?

Flounder has a slightly sweet flavor. However, the taste of the fish would depend on how you cook it and the ingredients you use to cook it.

So, this means if you cook with salt and pepper, you will most likely get some salty and spicy taste alongside the flaky texture.

If you fry it, you will most likely experience some crispy taste. Your food will reward you with what you cook with it. So, with maximum attention, your flounder will taste great, too.

Let us dive in to find out the different tastes flounder could take on different cooking.


About flounder fish

Flounder seems like one type of fish too many do not know about flounder. However, flounder is a group of fish, particularly flatfish. The size of this fish ranges from 5 to 30 pounds.

It belongs to the order pleuronectiformes; however, it will amaze you to know all the species of flatfish. No wonder flounder can replace these fishes; sole, dab, halibut, fluke, plaice, and many others.

The flounder fish usually lives in the deep ocean, and it is known for its delicate texture, mild taste, and flaky flesh.

Although flounder has delicate flesh, this would vary depending on the size or maturity of the fish. Smaller flounder has a more delicate skin compared to the big flounder.

There is no way you would cook flounder you would not enjoy it. So, whether you grill, smoke, bake sauté or even steam, you would love the outcome. Are you still asking what flounder taste like? Well, find out now!

What does flounder taste like?

Remember, we said earlier that even if there is this usual mild flavor that flounder comes with, your flounder would taste whichever way you want it to.

So the taste of your fish is dependent on the spices you add to it and hugely on what method of cooking you choose to adopt.

Let us explain the different tastes flounder can take

1. Grilled flounder

grilled flounder

Grilled flounder is most likely to have this mild sweet flavor while leaving space for some crispy and soft texture all at once. Since you grilled the fish, the outer part of the fish would be crispy and the inner part would be soft to eat and tender to touch.

However, if you add some lime to eat, you would surely get some tangy flavor too; adding salt and other seasonings would then give this striking balance. You would experience this non-sweet, non-bitter taste in your recipe.

2. Steamed flounder

steamed flounder

If you steam your flounder, it would be softer than when you grill it. as you may know, when it is time to steam whether meat or veggie, but in this case fish, you would add many ingredients. For a start, salt is a must-have in steamed foods.

Many people add pepper, thyme, sage, or oregano, and many seasonings just to enhance the taste.

So, any flounder that is steamed would have many of the spices spread evenly in the fish, especially if you add it at the earliest hour of your cooking and then cook on low heat. Flounders would always adopt the base of the fish when it comes to taste.

However, for steamed flounder expect some tasty fish, especially if you played around some many spices. Steamed flounder will have this peppery, spicy and sweet taste.

3. Smoked flounder/ roasted flounder

roasted flounder

For smoked flounder, expect nothing but a smoky taste all-round, yum yum. Smoking or roasting any fish would give you this fishy yet woody taste.

Be careful when adding salt, because smoked meals are most likely to keep salt more than steamed meals. So, add a pinch at a time.

4. Fried flounder

fried flounder

This is sure a mixture of some crisp and tender texture, so you would have a crunchy feeling while relishing the flounder. And if you add spices to the fish, then you will experience a savory taste.

5. Baked flounder

baked flounder

This would turn out like the steamed flounder. However, the steamed flounder would always be softer and spicier than the baked flounder.

Baked flounder would possess a mild flavor accompanied by some mild taste of the spices added to it.

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The best ingredients for flounder

For you to get the taste you desire from your flounder, you should add these key ingredients: salt, pepper, garlic, paprika, dill, parmesan, lemon, fennel, parsley, capers, and tomato sauce.

Possible side dishes: if you are looking forward to enjoying the meal with side dishes, here are a few picks for you: chips, risotto, green beans, and garden salad.

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How to pick the right flounder

  • Pungent fishiness is a sign of old or spoiling fish. The aroma should not be overwhelming.
  • Do a visual clear bright eyes, its skin should be shiny, and clean in appearance
  • If you bring spoilt fish, the taste will be sour
  • Consider frozen fish. Use frozen fish, if you cannot settle for the fresh fish.


Before beginning this guide, you asked what flounder taste like. However, by now, you should have an obvious knowledge of what flounder tastes like.

Flounder always has this mild fishy taste, but with enough spices, you are sure to end with a tangy or even peppery taste.

When it is about time to cook your flounder will get whatever ingredient that speaks fancy and nutrition too.

Good luck with that!