Side Dishes For Cornbread: 11 Tasty Parings

When cravings call for snacks, one recipe that comes to the mind of many people is cornbread. You are always sure to enjoy it, for lunch or dinner.

Cornbread is soft, almost crispy because it is always made fluffy before it the tossed in the oven. No wonder it is a great snack.

Although many people enjoy cornbread without pairing it with other dishes, there are side dishes for cornbread that would enhance the flavor and double satisfaction.

Let us learn about cornbread and the best dishes that you can have with cornbread now!


About cornbread

Cornbread is simply bread that is mainly made with cornmeal. Although it is mostly associated with the cuisines in the southern united states. It is now widely used in many cuisines and households.

What does cornbread taste like?

Originally, cornbread has this plain taste since it is made using cornmeal. However, many regions are beginning to make some remarkable twists by adding ingredients to improve the taste of cornmeal.

So, the taste of cornbread can range from sweet to plain, and this will depend on the ingredients used in making it.

But whether you have always enjoyed cornbread on its own without any dish, or you intend to try it out the first time, we have some side dishes that can compliment cornbread. Let us find out about these amazing side dishes for cornbread.

Side dishes for cornbread

1. Vegetable


Cornbread is smooth and almost crispy and you can enjoy it with some veggies to get the best out of it. It even becomes better when you have a sweet cornbread and some mild leafy vegetable to eat it with. Spinach, parsley, or dill can fit in.

Whatever you go for, the one that works for you, you will experience sweet and mild flavor while relishing this combo. And then some smoothness and crunch to go for it!

If you want some twists, you can roast your vegetable. This is a popular and acceptable way to enhance the taste of your vegetable. So veggies are great side dishes for cornbread.

2. Cheese


Another remarkable side dish that you can serve alongside your cornbread is, of course, cheese. Cheese has its special way of complementing many recipes.

Cheese can have its base as goat milk, cow milk, or even the most acceptable buffalo milk; depending on who makes the cheese. And you will end your lunch or snacks with satisfaction when you eat your cornbread with cheese.

You are welcome to try out these varieties: cream cheese, feta cheese, cheddar cheese, or even provolone cheese.

3. Butter


If you only want to do the basics, then you should use some butter to eat your cornbread, cornbread can serve as a seal if the cornbread is too soft.

You can have your cornbread with salted butter, cut your cornbread in two, and then graciously spread the butter in between the cornbread, then enjoy.

4. Honey


Let us have another basic, shall we? Honey is a versatile ingredient that many people use to add flavor to recipes that requires some thickness and sweetness as well.

Billions of people use honey for various reasons, and you can have your cornbread with some honey. So, for every chunk of cornbread that you have, you can have it with honey.

5. Hotdogs


Do you want some additional flavor? Then cook or fry your hotdog. Season it with salt and pepper and then relish it with your cornbread.

Sometimes you need some grilled, steamed sausage to pair with your bread to get the satisfaction that you need.

So, when it is time to eat your breakfast or lunch then hotdogs are a perfect match for cornbread.

6. Apples and onions

apples and onions

How fun is food without onions? Onions are filled with flavor, whether it’s white onions, red onions, or yellow onions, you are sure going to have a great time.

If you want to enhance the flavor, caramelize the onions, and soften the apple, you can caramelize the apple too. You will end up with this complex yet savory dish.

Apple contains some level of acid, so this will give you a tangy taste and some savory taste too.

7. Chili and stew

chili and stew

Have you ever had some bread with chili or stew? If not, then you are set to jump on this. Chili and stew are excellent side dishes for cornbread. So, sometimes all you need is to soak up stew or chili with cornbread and eat.

Chili and stew contain enough ingredients to render some amazing taste to your cornbread. You do not have to maintain a plain taste, so when you want some twists or simply want a change in eating style, then check this out.

8. Milk


Having your cornbread with some milk would give you this satisfaction because, like any other side dish, milk offers a unique taste when you pair it with desserts or any bread.

And cornbread is no exception! So, when you want to enjoy your cornbread another way, try it out with milk.

9. Fried chicken

fried chicken

When it is time for some crisp and savory taste, fried chicken would be there to save the day. Fried chicken although can be a great main dish, it is also an excellent side dish. Do not worry you do not need to have a whole chicken to make up this full course meal.

Just some chicken breast or drumstick is okay to get you eating. You can add some spices to the chicken to enhance the flavor.

Add pepper, salt, and some herbs too. So, fried chicken is a great side dish for cornbread. Try it out today!

10. Ice cream

ice cream

Ice cream is another excellent side dish for cornbread. Some ice and some crispiness sure make the taste bud yearn for more.

The fun part is you can make some ice cream yourself even if it is your first time and it does not cost an arm and a leg. To get the best out of this, learn how to make ice cream and enjoy your cornbread with it!

11. Fruits


Fruits are extremely savory, and they would practically complement many dishes. For a start, use strawberries, blueberries, watermelon, and orange to eat your cornbread.

You can try out other fruits; or try out some fruits recipes; your cornbread deserves some extra flavors.


It is super easy to have your main dish with some other dish. In this guide, we recommended the best side dishes for cornbread, so you can have a full course meal.

So, when you want to make some twists during lunch or dinner, use these side dishes. You can either go for basics or add a little bit of extra to your recipe.

We hope you pick the right side dish for your favorite meal. Good luck with that!