Knife That Can Cut Through Bone

Often we hear “to keep the knife in good shape and avoid cutting through hard things.” This should save you from impromptu knife replacement. However, for some good reasons, we would need to cut through hard things such as bones.

Perhaps you even ask if there is a knife that can cut through bone.

Yes, some knives can cut through bones, although using the wrong knife can cause the knife to dull and at the worst. So it is important to note the type of knife that can cut through bone.

If you can know them, then maintenance shouldn’t be a big deal. What’s the essence of this guide if it is not inclusive? So read on! We’ve got your best interest at heart.


What kind of knife can cut through bone?

You already know all knives cannot cut through bone; the sharpness of the knife is not a guarantee.

Some pocketknives can even cut through bones. But in most cases, it is not the best tool for the job. Just like the saying “different strokes for different folks.”

Here are some lists of knives that you could use;

  • Meat cleaver
  • Butcher’s knife
  • Chef knife

1. Meat cleaver

Meat cleaver is the most popular and most efficient knife to cut through bone.

Moreover, it is designed to do the job efficiently. Originally it is sharp and heavy and designed with a thick spine it could chop through anything, especially bones.

Be careful though, because you would need some amount of force to chop through things. This species is especially useful when dealing with larger meats, and to separate ligaments and bones. You only have to make the right pick.

To cut through medium-sized bones you might want to consider another knife.

2. Butcher’s knife

This is excellent as its job, cutting through small and medium bones.

It is not as heavy as the meat cleaver; however consider this as sharp as anything, so ensure you are meticulous when handling the knife.

3. Chef knife

chef knife

If you cannot have your hands on meat cleaver and butcher’s knife. you should certainly have a chef knife sitting pretty fine in your kitchen.

The chef knife would be perfect to cut through some relatable amount of bones. However, you do not have to force t through large bones it is not ideal.

Now that you know all these, what’s next? Let’s cut through those bones!

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How do you cut through bones with these out-listed knives?

The truth is there are several methods by which you could cut through bones.

Experts would advise you to do what works best for you, but what if it is your first time.

Step 1

Hold the knife in the right dimension and at the exact place you intend to cut through whether you are cutting through large bones or medium-sized bones.

Step 2 

Hold it firmly and with consistent pressure, press harder as you cut through.

To cut through small-medium bones and tougher parts and connective tissue: place the blade of the knife on the meat or the bone that you intend to cut.

If the spine of your knife is relatively thick, you can carefully push your palm on the spine to apply some force so you can have a clean cut.

Now, you are done cutting through that bone.

For optimal and continuous results, you must in all ways maintain your knife.

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How to maintain your knife

  • Clean after every use
  • Do not wash in the dishwasher, it is safe to hand wash them
  • Do not soak in water
  • Sharpen your knife as often as possible; you’ve assigned a huge task to it.
  • Hone your cleaver, butcher’s knife, or chef cleaver every after 3 to 4 uses, depending on the task hone as often as you can.
  • Store in a knife block, avoid placing the knives alongside some other cutleries, it dulls knives.

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Conclusion: Knife That Can Cut Through Bone

We trust you now know the knife that can cut through bone. Ensure you follow this guide and be sure to avoid other knives if they are not meant for cutting through bones.

You stand the chance of dulling your knife, thereby decreasing the lifespan if you do otherwise. Remember to revisit the tips of maintaining your knife. This is the only way you can keep getting rewarding results.

Good luck cutting through those bones!

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