Can You Use A Cake Pan For Pie?

Many things could pose as stumbling blocks to make the dessert you crave for.

Maybe you have succeeded in getting all the ingredients to make this happen and now you cannot wait to have it in the oven. You now realize you only have your cake pan with you.

So, you ask can you use a cake pan for pie

Well, you can use a cake pan for pie, if the shape and volume of the pie pan are the same. A cake pan is the best substitute.

However, there are other considerations to make before using a cake pan in place of a pie pan.

Hang on you would learn this in this guide and how you can use a cake pan for your pie.


Considerations you should make before using the cake pan for pie

Since you intend to substitute a cake pan for a pie pan, it is advisable you become conversant with the material so you know how best you can use it.

An aluminum pan would be a good conductor of heat so it is best to know which level of heat would gradually cook your pie.

More so, you might be tempted to cut the pie right in the pan. And though aluminum is a good conductor of heat, they are quite not good having a knife scratch them.

If you decide to use a ceramic as a substitute, you will need a crust protector because the edges of the pie tend to brown faster than the rest.

Try not to use disposable foil for baking pies; they cannot support the dough and fillings, which would cause uneven baking.

Know the size of your pan

As stated earlier in this guide the size and depth of the cake pan would impact how your pie comes out. Originally cake pans are deeper than most pie pans. A round 8- inch cake can allow for most recipes.

The cake pan should be big enough to contain the dough and the fillings.

  • Furthermore, choose a cake pan that you can easily clean.
  • Choose a pan that can easily distribute heat.
  • Choose the right weight, so you would easily move the pan.
  • Ensure your cake pie pan is strong enough to withstand the heat.

Do you wish to learn how you can use a cake pan for pie? Continue reading.

How to use a cake pan for a pie

  • Choose the right recipe: if you are trying this for the first time, we suggest you choose an appropriate recipe. Ensure you stick to the instruction.
  • You should prepare the crust.
  • Cover the crust with a foil
  • Blind baking the crust would ensure it turns out flaky and flat rather than puffed.
  • Roll the doughnut out on a floured counter and transfer it into the cake pan.
  • Use parchment paper to cover the dough in the cake pan
  • It’s time to fill the cake pan with pie and place it in the pre-baked pie crust.
  • Ensure you bake for the estimated time only. Follow the recipe intently.
  • Always check the pie, add any other thin to decorate it.

Further tips

You can apply some butter or oil around the pan to prevent it from browning quickly.

You can add a top crust to a deep-dish pie. Make some cuts to allow steam to leave during baking.

You do not need to worry if your cake pan is deep enough to accommodate the pie.

Other pans you can use to bake the pie

Tart pans and muffin pans.

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Conclusion: Can You Use A Cake Pan For Pie?

Now we have answered the question can you use a cake pan for pie? Hopefully, you get used to your cake pan knowing which one best suits the job.

Remember to choose the right recipe and focus on getting it right.

Just know you can substitute your pie pan since you do not have it handy. You can look up a lot of recipes to try out.

Hopefully, you make it right!

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