Can You Put A Pan On A Charcoal Grill? (Find Out)

It is another year and time for that outdoor event and you’re excited about it. This time you want to prepare everything right outside so you do not miss out on the fun of preparation.

You don’t want to run in and out of the kitchen and you are tempted to have everything prepared on the charcoal grill. You are tempted to use your utensils on it, like your pan. But can you put a pan on a charcoal grill?

Well, you can use pots as well as pans on a charcoal grill just as you would on a stove.

However, you must make a few considerations about the pan you want to use and you need some guidance on how to use a pan on a grill.

Let’s get started!


What considerations do you need to make about your pan?


Before jumping into making some meal with your pan on the charcoal grill you must be sure of these;

  • That your pan would be able to accommodate some level of heat from the grill. So in other words ensure it is heat safe
  • Make sure you can easily clean them after use
  • Above know how you can use it on the charcoal grill

What is the best pan to use a charcoal grill?

Cast iron would do justice to the meal you want to make on the charcoal grill.

You need a pan that evenly distributes heat and cooks the food thoroughly and you cannot go wrong with cast iron.

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To get the right pan do these;

  • Get an inexpensive cast iron; you can use steel pans as well.
  • Allow your grill has different levels of heat, from low to high

So if you are tired of having your meals marked with stripes, then you can have a full-fledged meal when you cook with this pan. You would not like it when you use the wrong pan.

What happens when you use the wrong pan?

Some of the pans can be hazardous if you expose them to direct heat. You might end up washing your pan forever since the exterior is no longer in good shape. Now you know why you need the right pan, let’s continue.

So let’s learn how you can use a pan on any charcoal grill

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How to use a pan on a charcoal grill?

1. Prepare your environment: Clean your environment thoroughly even the charcoal grill itself. This is to remove grease or residue. And if you encounter mold, you can learn how to burn mold off your grill

Heat the grill for about 4 to 6 minutes before you place any pan on it. Meanwhile, keep the grill on low to medium heat.

2. Place the pan on the side of the grill to see how heat-safe it is. Then try to cook, you can start with easy-to-cook meals. If you having a hard time knowing the types of meal you want to make, then learn the meals you can make on grills.

Ensure the food does not stick on the pan. Always stir the meal. Season your pan to reduce charring and burning.

3. Try leaving the lid always open, and make sure you check your meal now and then so you do not overcook it.

4. When you are done turn off the grill and allow the pan to cool before you clean it.

Further tips

  • Don’t cook with thin pans to avoid scorching the pan
  • Do not use pans made of Teflon or plastic pans
  • When you get the right pan, ensure you have everything handy so you do not revisit the kitchen now and then
  • Clean your pan immediately after use.

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Conclusion: Can You Put A Pan On A Charcoal Grill?

We are glad we helped you answer your undying question can you put a pan on a charcoal grill. Hopefully, you have learned the right pan to use on you put a pan on a charcoal grill.

Hopefully, you have learned the right pan to use on your charcoal grill.

So stick or refer back to this guide if you encounter any difficulty when using your pan on the charcoal grill.

Good luck with that!