Can An Electric Knife Cut Through Bone? (Find Out)

Who doesn’t like the word “achieve more doing less”? Over time the electric knife has proven its value and still doing so.

Originally, electric knives have serrated edges, and this differentiates the knife from every other knife out there. Electric knives can stay sharp for a longer period; they are designed to be hard.

Now all these outstanding qualities would make you ask can an electric knife cut through bone.

Well, like every knife, electric knives are quite designed for different purposes like; slice through meat effortlessly and even slicing that bread the way you want it.

Some electric knives can cut through bone. However, you stand the chance of dulling the knife if you cut through the bone the wrong way.

In this guide, you’ll learn what you must do to achieve amazing results with your electric knife.


Can an all electric knife cut through bone?

As stated earlier in this guide, all electric knives cannot cut through bone. Just as you wouldn’t use the meat cleaver to cut fruits, and you wouldn’t use a pocket knife to cut a large chunk of meat.

You cannot use some electric knives for this task. The serrated edges and even the sharpness are not guaranteed.

It is ideal to find out which electric knife can cut through bones. However, even this cannot guarantee a rewarding cut.

So, what must you do so you can be able to cut through bones with an electric knife?

Read on to find out!

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What you must do to be able to use an electric knife to cut through bone

Remember some electric knives are specifically designed to do the job. So you must get the meat or bone that you wish to cut into the fridge.

So in other words the electric knife cannot give you a nice cut if the bone is not frozen. Before you dive right into cutting here is a must-know! Cutting through hard bones would be too much of a task for your electric knife.

So now that you know this how about some guide on how to cut through bone with your electric knife?

If you doubt you need a guide, then you should note that electric knives are quite sharp and might render your efforts futile if you don’t use an easy-to-follow guide.

So what do you say? Let’s cut through the bone!

How to cut through bone with an electric knife

To cut through you need only three things

  • Frozen item; bone
  • Electric knife
  • Cutting board

As long as you have these things you are ready for some work.

  1. Prepare your workspace to ensure

Your workspace is very clean, who knows you might have some drops of bone that should be in the pot on the floor, and you should be able to pick them.

So clean your environment!

2. Clean your electric knife and cutting board

A clean environment is not yet a guarantee to safe cutting, so clean the serrated edges of the electric knife. It is safe to hand wash the knife.

3. Ensure you handle the knife safely

No doubt frozen food or any item is usually slippery, so make sure your electric knife is held in the best position.

Put the knife away from where you are so you do not get hurt in the process. Place the soft bone in the cutting board and be ready to cut another.

4. Switch on your electric knife

You can now switch on your electric knife and then slice through the bone gently. Make sure it doesn’t slip during this process. Hold your knife and bone firmly.

Remember it is not ideal to slice through hard bones. So if cutting through the bone seems more difficult than you thought. Stop the process.

5. Clean the knife and the board

Now whether you successfully carried out the process or not, you must clean your electric knife. Clean your workspace too, it is important.

Now you are done cutting through bone with your electric knife!

What if you do not have an electric knife but intend to cut through bone?

Well, it is advisable to get other knives that can cut through bones, finding them would relieve you of some task. How so?

The knives would permit cutting even hard bones with or without freezing the bone. Here are some lists of knives that can cut through bone;

  • Meat cleaver
  • Chef knife
  • And butcher’s knife

These knives would give you a rewarding result. So you can learn how to use them

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Conclusion: Can An Electric Knife Cut Through Bone?

We have successfully led you through the undying question “can an electric knife cut through bone?” Ensure you follow the guide intently to get a rewarding result.

Electric knives can help you achieve more without exerting any force in a short time.

You should be able to use your well if you follow this guide.

Good luck cutting your soft bone with your electric knife!

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