9 Best Substitutes For Onions

Onions are one of the essential ingredients that most people cannot do without because it offers this flavor and nutrients.

However, this does not mean that many people cannot do without onions. This is also because some of these people could be allergic to onions.

No, whether you are out of onions and need some great replacements or you simply cannot deal with the taste, there is something for you.

Read on as we reveal the excellent substitutes for onions.


What you need to know about onions

Let us see a brief description of onions before we delve into the substitutes for onions.

From the family of Allium, onions are root vegetables alongside other ingredients like sleek, shallot, garlic, and many others.

Most people usually use onions to make great dishes like stew and soups. However, these days, onions have become versatile that many people enjoy them raw even with the juicy flavor that has some unpredictable flavor.

Is it okay to eat onions raw? Well, onions are neither sweet nor bitter, and just because it is sweet does not mean they will be sweet too many.

However, onions are an edible vegetable that you should try out raw if you do not have an allergy to them.

Apart from eating onions raw, you can fry them, cook them or just slice and toss them in any recipe that you wish to have onions in.

Whatever that would come up and require onions, but you do not have them handy, here are the best substitutes for onions.

Substitutes for onions

1. Onion powder

onion powder

When it is time to make use of onions and you cannot get the raw onions, you can have your recipes still with onions powder.

Onion powder has a very strong flavor that must people consider higher than that of raw onions. Onion powder is simply an onion strained of all the water content, ground, and then sieved to get the powder.

So, this is a great substitute for onion if you want to maintain the onion flavor.

2. Onion flakes

onion flakes

Also, one ingredient that should not leave your spice rack. Onion flakes are closely related to onion powder. However, unlike onion powder that is ground into flour, onion flakes are semi crushed and would be more visible in recipes you used to prepare them.

Also, onion flakes have fewer flavors compared to onion powder. So if you are out of onions, onion flakes can save the day!

If you want a more practical recipe read on, find out!

3. Green onions

green onions

From the family of Amarylidaceae, green onions are young onions that many people would love to have in their recipe because it has a mild flavor.

Also known as scallions, this onion is an excellent substitute for onions when you cannot have the original onion.

Green onions can easily replace onions in any recipe, whether raw or cooked recipes. However, there is a difference.

Green onions are small and would require you to add more green onions than you would when frying or cooking with onions. 1 medium of regular onion can equal 6 or 8 green onions.

4. Shallots


Since a green onion seems to have a milder flavor, we bring to your table shallots. Shallots are great substitutes for onions too. And although they have a mild flavor as well, shallots have a more defined flavor compared to green onions.

However, like green onions, shallots are relatively small and you would need to add up shallots to meet up with the onion flavor you want in your meal.

Shallots would do great in recipes like stew, soup, and even risotto, to substitute onion with shallots, use 4 shallots against 1 medium onion

5. Leeks


Another great recipe for onions in recipes is the leek. Leek is also from the same family as onions, so it would do great to replace onions.

The flavor of the leek is very much acceptable if you want an onion flavor. The flavor adds depth to soups or stews. Leeks are great when you use them in salads too!

So, what are you waiting for? Have leeks replace your onions when you want to make that perfect recipe.

6. Celery


Do you want an onion substitute that can fit in your recipe? Celery is a great option for you if you are yet to make a pick.

Celery does not have the same flavor as onions, so if you also want a replacement that has no strong flavor as onions, you now have it.

To substitute onions in a pinch, go for 3 medium celery against 1 medium onion.

7. Chives


Here is another great substitute for onions in any recipe. Chives are also from the same family as onions. To get the best out of it, you can add some chives when the food is almost done; it heightens the flavor of the meal.

However, if you do not want the flavor, you can add the chives at the beginning of your cooking to subside the flavor.

8. Fennel


Although fennel is a flowering plant from the carrot family, it is a great substitute for onions. It is flavorful and crunchy and would always fit any recipes that call for onions.

Apart from that, the fennel is filled with nutrients and other health benefits. So you can have your fennel replace your onions when you do not have onions.

Every part of the fennel is edible from the bulb to the flowers, so you have no problem if you wish to have it in your meal.

9. Carrots


Carrots are mostly the last thing you might think may make a great replacement for onions. But here it is. Carrots are vegetables that are nutritious and flavorful too.

If you do not want to have onions or any that resembles it, then here is a significant chance for you to make your recipe with something special and then have carrots in your recipe.

Unless you are making recipes that do not need carrots.

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Another way to substitute onions in recipes is not to use onion at all in your recipe. This is mostly for people that have an extreme allergy to onions. If you cannot stand it then add bell pepper!

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So now, you see, you can easily replace onions with countless ingredients from onions to different ingredients.

Although onions are great ingredients and are essential in the kitchen, you can have another ingredient other than onions.

This guide has all there is to know about substitutes for onions. We hope you have a great experience replacing your onions.