9 Best Substitutes For Bean Sprouts

Beans are great when you have them in many dishes. However, bean sprouts also offer great nutrients, and add some flavor and creamy texture to your dishes. So, it is a great way to elevate your culinary skills.

Other times, depending on the bean sprouts, you have and what you want, you might want to replace bean sprouts you have tasted or the one you have at hand for another one.

Fortunately, there are excellent substitutes for bean sprouts. So, just as you can also replace bean sprouts. And here in this guide, we explore these substitutes.

Let us learn about bean sprouts,


What are bean sprouts?

Bean sprouts are tender yellow-like or green-like growth that shoots out in beans after 3 to 5 days of watering and care. They are popularly used in East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Beans sprouts are super easy to find. And if it seems difficult, you can buy beans for sprouting and then grow and harvest them yourself. Yes, you can! That is how easy it is to have bean sprouts.

And since they are mostly grown in water, they are crunchy and you can eat them raw. And when it is time to cook your sprouts, you cook on low heat and serve just immediately so you do not overcook them.

Sprouts are super easy to grow and incorporate into a meal, and the fun part is you can get sprouts from any beans.

What can you cook with sprouts? You can make salads with bean sprouts and even sandwiches, chicken and bean sprouts, and sautéed beans.

Let us learn about substitutes for bean sprouts

Substitutes for bean sprouts

1. Homemade bean sprouts

homemade bean sprouts

If you think that is going to be stressful getting bean sprouts from the store, then the best and easiest way to get your bean sprouts is to grow and germinate the sprouts yourself. Do not worry, it will only take 3 to 5 days to see a remarkable result.

Do you want to learn how to grow bean sprouts yourself? Well, read on to find out now.

2. Alfalfa sprouts

alfalfa sprouts

Many people use alfalfa bean sprouts as toppings for sandwiches and salads. They are super easy to grow and cook too.

If you are looking for substitutes for your bean sprouts, then you can use alfalfa sprouts. They are healthy and nutritious, too. If you want to grow alfalfa bean sprouts yourself, then you are welcome to grow them.

Use the above guide as it works for alfalfa beans too.

3. Mung beans

mung beans

Mung beans are great and almost irreplaceable, so you can only imagine the sprouts would be. Mung bean sprouts are thin, having crisp white stalks round yellow, green, or beige heeds.

Mung bean sprouts are often used in Asian and Southeast Asian cuisines. Well, you do not have to be in Asia to have these wonderful sprouts. You can grow them yourself too. So, mung bean sprouts are a great substitute for bean sprouts.

4. Soybean sprouts

soybean sprouts

Just like other beans that are grown by sprouting them, so do you grow soybeans. Soybean sprouts are also popular in Asian countries. They are a significant source of vitamin C and folate.

5. Sunflower sprouts

sunflower sprouts

Sunflower sprouts are very much nutritious and can easily replace bean sprouts in many recipes. it is oozing with essential amino acids, rich in vitamins, potassium, and calcium.

Did you know that sprouting sunflower seeds makes the seeds more nutritious? Yes, sprouting sunflower bean releases some nutrients in the seed.

Sunflower sprouts have this nutty flavor and, like other bean sprouts, it has a crunchy texture. You can use sunflower sprouts in salads, sandwiches, scrambled eggs, and even fillings for an extra nutritious add sunflower sprouts in a fruit smoothie.

Note: also, check to be sure that you are getting sunflower seeds for sprouting; sunflower seeds sold for birds will not work because they are sprayed with pesticides and this disrupts the growth of sprouts.

If you intend to grow sunflower sprouts yourself, take out the sprouts before it changes color. Leaving it will change the taste of the sprout.

6. Enoki mushrooms

enoki mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms are long, thin, white mushrooms that are used in many cuisines, mostly in Asian cuisines- Japanese, Chinese and Korean cuisines can almost not have enough of this mushroom.

Enoki mushroom is edible and so you can eat it raw. However, if you have risotto, you can enjoy Enoki with it. The mushrooms have a crunchy and slightly meaty texture.

And like bean sprouts, Enoki mushrooms are super easy to cook. You can sauté them, add them to soups, stews, or fry and even roast them. Enoki mushrooms are great substitutes for bean sprouts when you cannot place your hand on bean sprouts.

7. Snow peas

snow peas

Another ingredient that can replace bean sprouts is snow peas. Snow peas are flat green pods that produce small green peas. Snow peas have this mild, earthy flavor. It is versatile and many people use it in their recipes.

You are welcome to try out your snow peas in many ways. You can sauté it, cook it, steam it or microwave it with a small amount of water.

When you cook snow peas, it adjusts easily to a smooth and chewy texture, making them a great option for bean sprouts.

8. Cabbage


If you do not want to have your option cooked, then this is the best choice for you. Cabbage has this chewy texture, and it is neither sweet nor bitter, making it an excellent choice for bean sprouts.

Slice your cabbage and use it to make whatever you intended for bean sprouts.

9. Canned beans

canned beans

This might seem like an impossible option, but it is the best option if you do not want to grow bean sprouts on your own or even buy bean sprouts. Canned beans are very nutritious and sweet to eat and already the job is done for you.

You would only have to get canned beans from the stores and enjoy them, add them to your salad or whatever toppings.

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Well, it is relatively easy to replace some ingredients when it is time to cook, and luckily, bean sprouts are one of them.

In this guide, we discussed the best substitutes for bean sprouts. So, be confident in replacing your bean sprouts with any other options.

We hope you can make the right choice. And for you to get the best taste, we recommend you see workable recipes.