8 Best Substitutes For Chickpea

When it’s time to make a meal and a great recipe, it’s always ideal to use the right ingredients that suit the recipe to get a rewarding result.

However, many things could interrupt using all the right ingredients. From availability to the right amount, that calls for it and sometimes choice matters too!

Are you ready to make some hummus, salads, soups, and or stews but cannot get a hold of chickpea? Do you wish to have substitutes for chickpea so you can serve your recipe hot?

In this guide, we would reveal to you all the best substitutes for your chickpea in any recipes that call for it. So, let’s get on it!


What is a chickpea?

Popularly known as garbanzo beans, and also known as Egyptian pea, chickpea is one legume from the Fabaceae family. The other types are also known as grain or Bengal grain. The pods harbor many seeds in them, making them easy to harvest.

Chickpea is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, and fiber. It is high in protein and because of the high nutritional profile; it does wonder in dealing with health issues.

Many regions consume chickpea as they incorporate it into many recipes. And one of many of these recipes is hummus. Chickpea is one ingredient that Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine virtually find irreplaceable.

Most vegetarians use chickpea to replace meats in many vegan dishes. It is a great staple for dieting as well.

The color of this wonderful ingredient ranges from bright green to dark green. It is green when you pick them up early. Some chickpeas are tan, dark brown, speckled, or even black.

Chickpea is available in dried, flour, and canned form. The canned chickpea can be stored for a long time. However, the dried ones only last from 2 to 3 years; this chiefly depends on how much you store them.

What can you use chickpea for?

You can prepare salads with chickpea; many others add chickpea to their rice to have that mixed and radiant color. Some regions use chickpea for stews and soups, in soups, most times they serve as thickeners.

So, since you need to replace chickpeas in whatever recipe you intend, let’s find out about the substitutes for chickpeas.

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Substitutes for chickpea

1. Green peas

green peas

Scientifically called Pisum sativum, green peas are legumes that are known for their sweet taste. They are botanically referred to as green peas because they are fruits since they contain seeds that are formed from the ovary of a flower.

Green peas are rich in antioxidants like vitamin k, C, and folate. They are available in fresh, canned, or frozen form. So whenever you run out of chickpea, the green pea is always a substantial replacement for chickpea.

You can add them to your salads. Add them in soups as well when you cannot use chickpea.

2. Mung beans

mung beans

Are you still looking for the best substitutes for chickpea to prepare hummus? Well, mung beans are now the perfect substitute.

Also known as green gram, moon, or munggo, mung is also from the legumes. Mung beans are largely produced in Southeast and South Asia. The beans have this slightly sweet and nutty flavor that enhances the taste.

Many varieties come in red, yellow, or even green. So enough to know which color suits your recipe. Apart from hummus, you can add mung beans to your pizza, pasta, soup, and salad. So, mung beans are a great substitute for chickpea.

Now to the next substitute!

3. Black beans

black beans

Color doesn’t seem to be a barrier, because black beans are one of the healthiest beans among many others. Black beans have this sweet and also mild flavor that is virtually the same as chickpea.

More so, since chickpea is also available in black color, color is not any limitation. Black beans are popular in Latin America and are mostly used to make mouth-watery meals. The shiny color adds vibrancy to the meals it’s found in.

You can make salads, chilies, tacos, and many side dishes with black beans. Black bean is another great substitute for chickpea.

4.     Cannellini beans

cannellini beans

This is yet another excellent substitute for chickpea. Cannellini beans are almost the same as red kidney beans. In case you are looking for great beans to replace chickpea in vegetarian dishes, cannellini beans are a way to go!

Cannellini beans have a high nutritional profile too! And there are several varieties of cannellini beans.

With the sweet and mildly nutty flavor, it can replace chickpea when it’s time to make soups.

5.     Lentils


Lentils are edible legume that is very common in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine. They are great and would make up sweet meals.

Here is a nutritious legume that is fit as a substitute for chickpea. The color ranges from green to brown; khaki brown or dark brown.

Although the green lentils are virtually similar to the brown lentils, the brown lentils have a noticeable peppery flavor that makes them outstanding. Overall, lentils are a substantial source of protein, fiber, and vitamins.

Lentils would be great replacements in salads, soups, and also stews.

6.     Peanuts


In many places, peanuts are popularly known as groundnuts. Many regions highly consumed peanuts; they could be fried, cooked, or roasted, whichever way you will relish them.

It has this nutty flavor when fried or roasted. It is a wonderful substitute for chickpea in some recipes that call for it.

7.     Soybeans


This is yet another excellent substitute for chickpea. Soybeans are also a species of legumes from the pea family Fabaceae. It is native to East Asia. Also known as soja beans, these beans are used for many purposes. Soybean is one of the richest sources of protein.

The end products of soybeans are soy powder, soy milk, and others. Soybean has this flavor similar to beany flavor. Their flavor is not overpowering. They would make great replacements for chickpeas.

8.     Canned chickpea

canned chickpea

Since chickpea is available in cans too, you can use the canned chickpea if you cannot have the fresh chickpea.

Although the fresh chickpea is more nutritious, the canned chickpea can replace your chickpea in a pinch.

Frequently asked questions

Are mung beans and green pea the same?

Mung beans and green peas are not the same. Yes, they can be substituted for any recipe that requires any of them, but they are a different species. So they are not the same.

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There are plenty of ingredients that are excellent substitutes for chickpea. Although some of them have a unique flavor from chickpea, their flavors are mild and can fit into recipes that call for it.

In this guide, we have revealed all the best substitutes for your chickpea in case you need to make some recipes that call for chickpea.

Refer to this guide if you experience difficulties making the right choice.

Have a wonderful experience making the right choice!