7 Remarkable Substitutes For Stewed Tomatoes

Canned whole tomatoes, fresh tomatoes, and diced tomatoes are a few, amongst other tomatoes, are great substitutes for stewed tomatoes.

Stewed tomatoes are most likely to be the first ingredient to finish in the kitchen. This is because they are a versatile ingredient that you can prepare mainly as a side dish, but relished with various ingredients.

So, the possibility of running out of stewed tomatoes is relatively high.

So, would you suspend making your favorite dish, or would you prepare your meal with great alternatives?

Read on to find out the rest of the other great replacements for stewed tomatoes and what makes them ideal substitutes for your tomatoes.


About stewed tomatoes

Stewed tomato is a stew simply made using tomatoes as the base. However, for it to mature as stewed tomatoes, ingredients are added to it.

Most times, people add sugar, salt, herbs, celery, onions, pepper, and other seasonings to their stewed tomatoes to make it tasty.

Before then, the tomatoes are heated on low heat for some time until the ingredients affect the taste of the tomatoes added to them.

Although stewed tomatoes are most popular in the United States, it is more versatile now, as many cuisines and household incorporate stewed tomatoes in almost all the meal that they make.

Many people use stewed tomatoes to tend to guests prepare for occasions and many other events that call for a nourishing meal.

Although stewed are mainly prepared with fresh tomatoes, some situations might warrant a replacement and still get the desired result. Read on to find out about these substitutes.

7 Remarkable Substitutes For Stewed Tomatoes

1. Diced tomatoes

diced tomatoes

The versatility of diced tomatoes makes them relevant to tomatoes in many cuisines. And it can replace many tomatoes whether cooked, simmered, or roasted. So, use some square-shaped pieces of tomatoes to replace your stewed tomatoes.

Diced tomatoes are great substitutes for stewed tomatoes; they are sliced in chunks and canned in their juice.

However, the chunks are relatively smaller than stewed tomatoes. This is because stewed tomatoes are simmered for a longer period than diced tomatoes.

In many brands, diced tomatoes can be salted or slightly seasoned while others are just plain. You can also roast some diced tomatoes to get a smoky flavor. In all diced tomatoes is just a perfect replacement for stewed tomatoes.

2. Crushed tomatoes

crushed tomatoes

You can have your favorite dish without postponing the date, thanks to crushed tomatoes. Crushed tomatoes are versatile tomatoes that many people prefer because it is a mixture of crushed fresh tomatoes and some puree.

The mixture gives it a creamier consistency, making it a perfect substitute for stewed tomatoes.

The chunks in the tomatoes make way for you to have satisfaction, as you would with stewed tomatoes.

Crushed tomatoes also have this notable intense flavor if you add seasons and other ingredients that make up for stewed tomatoes.

So, if you still doubt having the ideal substitute, doubt no more, because fresh crushed tomatoes are a great substitute for stewed tomatoes.

3. Canned whole tomatoes

canned whole tomatoes

Another best substitute for stewed tomatoes is canned tomatoes. Although canned whole tomatoes are completely peeled tomatoes deepened in tomato juice, they are great options for you.

Plum tomatoes are mostly used to make canned whole tomatoes because plum tomatoes have a firmer texture and can thrive for a long time in the can.

It is the best option for you because you have the chance to slice to the size you want; above all, you can add seasonings and shift the flavor to your taste.

If you want to make it a workable substitute for stewed tomatoes, add other necessary ingredients like celery, onions, and other flavor-packed ingredients to heighten the flavor of your supposed stewed tomatoes.

4. Tomato sauce

tomato sauce

Although tomato sauce looks somewhat like tomato paste, tomato sauce has less consistency compared to tomato paste; at least it has some traceable chunks of tomatoes with it. Above all, the color is nothing like tomato paste.

In many brands also, tomato sauce contains seasonings like onion, basil, sugar, and cheese. Tomato sauce is thick enough, even more than stewed tomatoes. So be mindful when replacing it.

If you intend to season the tomato sauce yourself, there we recommend you buy the tomato sauce that has less or no seasonings in them.

Add whatever you wish and make it your way very best substitute for stewed tomatoes.

5. Tomato puree

tomato puree

Tomato puree is another excellent substitute for stewed tomatoes. Tomato puree is the tomato strained of the skin and seeds.

Its thick consistency is commendable and almost resemblance to tomato paste. However, tomato purees are more liquid than tomato paste.

One great thing about tomato puree to that most brands come only seasoned with salt. So, you have the chance to explore your seasonings and other ingredients unapologetically.

Add all there is, is to add in tomato puree to make it a perfect replacement for stewed tomatoes.

6. Tomato paste

tomato paste

Tomato paste is what we all know as a great thickener when you want to achieve almost a non-watery consistency in stewed tomatoes.

However, unlike stewed tomatoes that have some soft chunks of tomatoes, tomato paste is rather chunk less and would have a more tangy taste compared to stewed tomatoes.

Yet tomato paste is a suitable substitute for stewed tomatoes. If you want to achieve a reddish stewed tomato, look no further because tomato paste has the record of accomplishment of enhancing the color of the stew or any recipe you use it in.

Little wonder, many Africans use tomato paste to cook this versatile dish- jollof rice.

If you are using tomato paste, you can add enough seasonings so it affects the tangy flavor and if you want some water in it, add stocks or some water to get your desired result.

7. Fresh tomatoes

fresh tomatoes

What can be better than making your stewed tomatoes from the scratch? Every substitute here, and even the supposed stewed tomatoes, are all products of fresh tomatoes.

So, run along, get all those yummy fresh tomatoes in your fridge. Let us make some stewed tomatoes.

It would only take 30 to 45 minutes to make your stewed tomatoes. So what do you need to get started?

Ingredients for stewed tomatoes

  • 12-14 fresh tomatoes
  • ½ ground black pepper
  • 2½ teaspoon of salt
  • 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • 2½ teaspoons unsalted butter

You can double the ingredients or reduce them to achieve a tasty meal irrespective of the size of the recipes.

To prepare stewed tomatoes

  • Get rid of the tomato’s skin
  • Cut the tomatoes into chunks
  • Heat all the tomatoes in an appropriate saucepan on low heat, medium, or low. Set the heat to medium-low.
  • Season the tomatoes
  • Keep simmering for some minutes

If you doubled your recipe, you have some to keep stored in the fridge in a clear airtight container.

Frequently asked questions

Are canned tomatoes good for you?

Canned tomatoes are safe to eat from the date it is manufactured until reaching the expiration date.

Depending on the brand, canned tomatoes last 1 to 3 years. However, once you get to open them without storing them properly, they will spoil and be unsafe to consume.

Can you eat raw tomatoes?

Although tomatoes are said to release more nutrients when you cook them, it is saved for consumption most of the tomatoes are edible. However, for many of them that are too tangy because of the high content of acid, cook it before consumption.

Who should not eat tomatoes?

Anyone, who has a serious allergy to tomatoes, should eat tomatoes. Even the tomatoes are edible. It could foster some reactions in the body.


Every tomato type in this guide is an excellent substitute for stewed tomatoes, so you do not need to continue the search.

Find out about these tomatoes, to know which one works best for you. And when it is time to cook, you would only have to buy the tomatoes from the store or simply order online. So you can also have your ingredient right at your door.

You can now prepare your stewed tomatoes and serve them when you are done cooking.