7 Best Substitutes For Tomato

Tomatoes are one of the most popular and widely consumed vegetables. They are grown and used in various dishes.

Are you looking for a substitute for tomato? Luckily, we compiled a list of some of the best tomato substitutes that can provide both the flavor and consistency of tomatoes in all recipes. Stick around as we discuss them below.

If you have an allergy or you don’t like the flavor of tomatoes, we have the perfect tomato alternative.

Read on as we explore these substitutes.


7 Best Substitutes for Tomato

1. Olives

close up shot of olives

Olives may seem a bit left-field. Yes! They will add a different flavor profile to your dish. But Olives provide the savory umami flavor you also get from tomatoes.

Olives are ripe, juicy fruit packed with a powerful nutritional punch in the same family as tomatoes and eggplants.

They can be eaten in their natural form. As a result, there will no longer be a need to slice and press. It’s less of a hassle, to put it simply. As a result, olives can be found in various flavors and colors in most supermarkets and grocery stores.

Olives can only be substituted in a limited number of dishes, but they still count, When it comes to salads. Tomatoes are an excellent substitute for olives.

2. Tamarind Paste

bowl tamarind paste with fresh ripe tamarind

Tamarinds are yet another excellent option that should be considered. It is produced from the fruit of the tamarind tree.

Tamarind paste has a unique sweet and sour flavor that replicates the sweet tanginess of tomatoes.

When substituting tamarind paste for tomato, remember to taste the food you’re cooking and adjust the amount of tamarind paste. Using too much will produce an acidic and potent flavor in the dish, so be careful not to overuse it.

3. Red Bell Peppers 

close up shot of red bell peppers in a bowl

If you have any leftovers, red bell peppers can be used in recipes that call for tomatoes. You’ll never run out of red bell peppers at any farmer’s markets or supermarkets you visit in your neighborhood.

There will be no sense of loss if you don’t eat tomatoes because the red bell pepper looks so much like them. It is known to mimic a tomato’s texture and flavor while enhancing the dish with a smoky flavor. You can use bell peppers fresh and roasted in an oven on a baking sheet.

This swap is an excellent base for chilis, curries, salsa, and other red stew-based meals. Adds a smoky flavor to this dish which tomatoes lack. You can use bell peppers fresh, roasted in the oven on a baking sheet.

4. Cheese

close up shot of cheese

Yes! Cheese! That’s right. Surprisingly, its springiness, fluffiness, richness, and umami flavor make it an ideal substitute for tomatoes.

Cheese can do the job just as well, especially in most tomato-based dishes. If you’re out of tomato in your pizza, salad, or sandwich, try adding some paneer or shaved parmesan cheese.

5. Different varieties of tomato

different variety of tomatoes

For some reason, the best substitute for tomatoes is tomatoes. It varies depending on the dish and the recipe. Nonetheless, a new variety of tomatoes or a new method of preparing tomatoes should be your first step.

If the type of fresh tomato specified in the recipe is not readily available, feel free to substitute another. The dish may be slightly altered in terms of flavor and texture, but this is the closest alternative to tomatoes that you can find.

Even if a recipe calls for raw tomatoes, you can always substitute canned tomatoes, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato paste, or tomato puree for them.

6. Mango

mango close up

This tropical fruit has a variety of flavors and textures depending on the type and maturity stage. Unripe mangoes are commonly found in a wide variety of curries.

Unripe mangoes have a tart flavor and a similar texture, making them a substitute for recipes calling for tomatoes.

You can even use unripe mango as a substitute for tomatoes in your salad, sandwiches, and salsas.

7. Amlas 

close up of amlas

These small green berries, known as Indian Gooseberry, are ancient fruit known for their many health benefits and their eclectic mix of flavors. It has a sweet, sour, and bitter flavor.

They can be eaten raw or cooked into a variety of dishes. It is customary to soak amla berries in a saltwater solution before eating them, as their flavor is described as “bitter” when eaten raw.

Amla berries can substitute tomatoes in chutneys and curries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can canned tomatoes be used instead of fresh tomatoes?

Yes! Canned tomatoes can be used depending on the recipe. However, canned tomatoes come peeled and are not as fresh as freshly cut tomatoes. They are technically cooked, making them slightly less nutritious than fresh tomatoes.

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Whether you have mild intolerance, don’t enjoy the flavor, or are simply out of tomatoes. Tomatoes are a difficult ingredient to swap out, especially if you value the dish’s original flavor and appearance.

As a result, you will need a substitute to mimic the role the tomato intended to take in the dish.

In this guide. We provided you with the 7 best substitutes for tomato to choose from.

Good luck picking the best substitute for your dish.