5 Best Substitutes For Savoy Cabbage

Just like any cabbage or vegetable, Savoy cabbage is a remarkable vegetable that many kitchen geeks or vegetarians incorporate into their recipes.

Although Savoy cabbage is mild, it plays a generous role in complementing many recipes without over-empowering the meal. This is because of the mild taste.

However, if for any reason you cannot use Savoy cabbage to get your mouth-watery meal, then read on to find out about the amazing substitutes for Savoy cabbage.


About Savoy cabbage

Savoy cabbage is a tender leafy vegetable from the Brassica Oleracea family. This type of cabbage ranges from dark to light green. So, many people use it to make their dishes from salads to roasted cabbage.

Savoy cabbage has wrinkled leaves with a lighter texture.

Taste: Savoy cabbage has a mild leafy taste, unlike other cabbages

Savoy cabbage is indeed a great vegetable that you can easily use to make your dish. However, it is not available in many regions, so you are most likely to run out of savory cabbage.

5 Best Substitutes For Savoy Cabbage

1. Napa cabbage

napa cabbage

Napa cabbage is one of the best substitutes for Savoy cabbage. Also known as celery cabbage, Napa cabbage is a versatile vegetable from the mustard family that is widely grown in eastern Asia. So, you would most likely find it in the eastern Asian cuisines.

It is commonly known as dàbáicài meaning big white vegetables. In Korea, many cuisines traditionally use Napa cabbage to prepare kimchi. However, in many other places like the United States and other regions, they grow and use Napa cabbage as a salad vegetable.

And just like Savoy cabbage, you can sauté, roast, or cook Napa salad. Can you eat Napa cabbage raw? Yes, you can eat Napa cabbage raw. 

Napa cabbage is mainly grown because it is edible. And just like Savoy cabbage, it has a crispy texture that makes it enjoyable.

2. Green cabbage

green cabbage

Green cabbage is another excellent substitute for Savoy cabbage. Also known as cannonball cabbage, green cabbage is the most popular cabbage among other varieties.

Many people enjoy green cabbage because of its mild, leafy, or earthy flavor. And like the Savoy cabbage that you can use for various things, you can use green cabbage to make many things as well.

You can sauté green cabbage, smoke, cook, or even eat it raw. More so, green cabbage is most likely to replace Savoy cabbage in many recipes, because both of them have almost the same features, pale green and white color.

So, apart from the shape, green cabbage and Savoy are most likely to give you a similar consistency.

3. Brussels sprouts

brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts are a smaller version of cabbage from the family of Gemmifera cultivar. Many people grow Brussels sprouts because of their edible buds, but they are relatively small. However, Brussels sprouts have almost the same taste as cabbage.

Brussels sprouts are crunchy on the outside and are relatively soft and sweet on the inside. So, when it is time to make your favorite recipe and it seems Savoy cabbage is not handy, then you can use Brussels sprouts.

You can use it just as you would use Savoy cabbage. You can also learn several recipes you can make with Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts are a great replacement for Savoy cabbage.

4. Chinese lettuce

chinese lettuce

The botanical name for Chinese lettuce is Brassica Rapa. Otherwise known as stem lettuce, asparagus lettuce, or celery lettuce, Chinese lettuce is another excellent substitute for Savoy cabbage.

Chinese lettuce is not a cabbage. However, it is a green vegetable that can replace Savoy cabbage in many recipes.

Many regions in China incorporate this green vegetable into their recipe. You can cook or sauté Chinese lettuce to get the best out of it. Above all, just like other substitutes, Chinese lettuce is edible, so you can also eat it raw.

For many people that enjoy salad, you can use this excellent replacement to get yourself a bowl of salad. You can also roast, pickle, or grill this vegetable. All these enhance the flavor.

Chinese lettuce has a mild and nutty flavor; however, it is not overpowering. So, you can use Chinese lettuce instead of Savoy cabbage.

5. Kale


Kale, or leaf cabbage, is a green vegetable that belongs to the cabbage cultivars. Many people grow kale because it is edible. And they can use the vegetable for many purposes.

Kale is a cruciferous vegetable, and you can compare it to broccoli, cauliflower, and other vegetables.

Kale has a strong taste; although young kale has a soft texture and thinner leaves, the matured kale’s leaves are dry, tough, and crunchy.

Kale is a great substitute for Savoy cabbage. So you are free to use it just as you would use Savoy cabbage.

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Frequently asked questions

Is Savoy cabbage the same as white cabbage?

No, Savoy cabbage and white cabbage are not the same. Savoy cabbage has a unique crinkled leave structure and the earthy flavor is very notable, unlike the white cabbage, which has a slightly sweet taste.

Is lettuce an excellent substitute for cabbage?

Lettuce, although it contains more calories and water content compared to cabbage, can substitute for cabbage in many recipes.

Both cabbage and lettuce are edible and many people use them interchangeably. So, when the recipe calls for them, you can easily replace any for the other.

Unless, for recipes that strictly call for either lettuce or cabbage, you can substitute lettuce for cabbage and vice versa.

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Having many alternatives to choose from when it is time to cook matters a lot in the kitchen because it is unavoidable to run short of ingredients.

Or let us just say you want to sharpen your culinary skills or have a taste of other ingredients, you can do so now because of other viable options.

Savoy cabbage is a great vegetable that you can use to make many recipes, as we said earlier in this guide. However, when it is time for replacement, certain vegetables can easily replace Savoy cabbage.

And this we revealed in our guide today, so finding substitutes for Savoy cabbage is not in any way hard. We hope you can make your quick meal now.